Friday, December 6, 2013

Product review: The RockiNoggins Kate Helmet Cover!

That's me in the RockiNoggins Kate helmet cover.
Wow!  It's been September since my last post.  All owing to my intense focus on graduate school, and now that I am a few days away from winter break, I will soon be doing a recap of my past few months of life on a bike. 

The Kate cover fits perfectly over a Nutcase helmet.
Despite all the reading and writing of this past semester, I still had some time for a product review for my friends over at Commute by Bike, whose parent company Bike Shop Hub has relocated from Flagstaff to Tucson, by the way.  Melanie, who is now managing the Commute by Bike blog, thought of me at Interbike when she saw the RockiNoggins' stylish bike helmet covers.  She shot me an email and asked me if I'd like to give one a try and I got to select any of their many offerings to try out.  I chose the Kate cover.  RockiNoggins actually got two reviews in one because my friend Lisa who works for Phoenix's new bike share program (we'll discuss later) has one, the Kate cover, as well as loves it.

Lisa, wearing the Rayne waterproof helmet cover.
So, if you'd like to take a closer look at our helmet covers and get my thoughts just click on the link here to go over to Commute by Bike.  Meantime, I have one last paper to trudge through before I'm back to regular blogging.


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