Friday, September 20, 2013

A folding bicycle society on campus?

Perfect for living in small spaces and travel by train.
I attend ASU's downtown campus.  Over the last few years with the expansion of downtown campus city dwellers have enjoyed greater housing options with the construction of condos and apartment buildings.  Although downtown is not uncontaminated by parking, from what I understand, some of the new buildings have limited spaces for cars, with the understanding that many of the residents are less car dependent and more amenable to walking, biking and using public transportation.  As one might expect, many of the new apartments seem to be geared toward university students and the living spaces are smaller.  If you a student or downtown worker who gets around mostly by bicycle, storing it in an already cramped space, as well as rolling it into a crowded elevator, can be a bear.

Lisa and Joey's vintage Raleigh Twenty's.  Heavy as anything but oh, so cool.

I purchased my Brompton, partly due to the needs of living in a small space.   I keep it stored in the living room behind a stuffed chair, totally out of the way.  Recently, I've noticed a lot more folding bicycles at the bike corrals at downtown campus and have been wondering  if their owners chose their bikes for much the same reasons. It certainly makes more economical sense for a student not to have to worry about paying for either student parking or for a private space in the parking garage. Here's a few I've seen:

I think this little silver bike is by Citizen, but I'm not sure.  Very cute.


This orange folder is the Tokyo, definitely by Citizen. From a distance, I saw the young lady who owns it unfolding it and riding away quite elegantly a week or so back.  Citizen is one of the more conservatively priced but very stylish brands.  I've never been on one so I hope to run into the owner soon and find out how she likes it.  As you can see, it folds up very nicely.

This is a vintage Dahon I discovered a while back.  I had to get some detailed shots.

Here is another older model Dahon, nicely appointed with a trunk and a Brooks saddle. 

I don't think of Schwinn when I think about folding bikes but they do make them, as does Breezer, although I haven't seen any on campus.   I thought this one was very pretty; it has a spring rack on the back and a kickstand.

If anyone has any information or knowledge about any of the models shown in this post, please leave a comment with whatever you know.  It's always interesting to me.


DAN said...

Awesome bikes I have a folder also, good to see some in use.

She Rides a Bike said...

Dan, I'm meeting more and more people with folding bikes. They are a natural choice for cilty dwellers. My Brompton is defnitely my favorite bike, although I defnitely appreiate my Breezer when I have a big shopping trip.

Dottie said...

All these folding bikes are adorable. I still really want one. :)

Kelly said...

How weird is it that I dreamed about your folding bicycle last night!!

Jammy Ray said...

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