Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Product Review: The Detours Ballard Market Pannier - it's three bikes bags in one!

Lisa, on her vintage Raleigh foldy, with the Detours Ballard Market Pannier in her basket.
No, my friend Lisa and I normally don't call each before we meet for lunch and arrange to both carry the same bike bags!

The Ballard Market Pannier worn as a backpack.
Okay, maybe this one time we did, but it was just because she was helping me with a review of yet another great product from Detours - the Ballard Market Pannier.  Yes, we were also color coordinated but that was sheer coincidence.

Interior of the Phoenix Public Market.
We met at the Phoenix Public Market, one my very favorite new places to meet up for iced latte, pancakes or a sandwich.  You can eat outside under the misters but it was really hot outside so we stayed in with the AC talked about what we liked about the Detours bag. 

I have not gone Hollywood.  I shoot on an IPad only. 
We even made a video with my IPad about all the cool stuff Lisa carries in her bag (and yeah, I shot it vertically and that is called an "artistic decision", film critics!). 

You can fit a lot in the Detours Ballard Market Pannier.  I carry my IPad in mine.
You'll have to go to the Commute by Bike website to read the whole thing and watch the video though.

With my beloved Brommy.
I have a lot of Detours bags that I've featured on this blog and this is another winner.  I'm also wearing the Bikie Girl Bloomer Trio, which I product tested for another upcoming review on Commute by Bike.  That's about as far as I take multi-tasking.

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