Saturday, July 13, 2013

The July meeting of Phoenix Spokes People - Sunday, July 14 at PHX BikeLab!

At a meet up stop at the group ride to the May Phoenix Spokes People meeting.
Yes, it is a bit warm but that needn't stop you from coming out to PHX BikeLab (740 W. Grant) for the July meeting tomorrow, Sunday, July 15, at 5 p.m.   We'll be riding there as a group if you'd like to join, with a couple of meet up locations posted on PSP's Facebook page.  Since I last posted in May, PSP has also launched our own website, where Lisa our fabulous administrator is posted lots of good news about transportation cycling in Phoenix, including glamour shots of local cyclists and their bikes.  I heard one of our Council District 8 candidates will be attending!

Sarah, one of our newer members at the May group ride.
Annie will tell you that nothing beats a skirt on a hot weather ride.
Anna, lady who started it all.
We'd love to have you join us in our efforts to make Phoenix a world class city for transportation cycling.


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