Thursday, April 25, 2013

Two wheeled traction

On my way to a morning trial budget meeting and dressed for success.
Bike month is winding down in Phoenix but the push to increase City funding of bike infrastructure has only gained steam.  Phoenix Spokes People as attended and participated if most, if not all, of the trial budget meeting held throughout the City for the last month.

Hard to advocate for bike infrastructure and ignore the importance of public transportation. 
The two go hand in hand.
I personally have spoken at four meetings, at one of which my cousin Angie also spoke.  PSP representatives attended Bike to the Ball Park, Bike to Work Day and Feast on the Streets, all in support of our message that a bike friendly Phoenix is a Phoenix that places a high priority on a quality of life that supports future economic needs and realities as opposed to unsustainable status quo thinking. City Hall knows who we are and have publicly acknowledged our efforts. 

Lisa and Robert represent two generations with the same vision for transportation cycling in Phoenix - more funding
better, safer and connected bicycle infrastructure.

Haley beams with excitement listening to a PSP speaker while Nicole jots down notes for her comments.
We always acknowledge the good work that the City and the Maricopa Association of Governments have made on behalf of the cycling community while being very specific about what we need to make bicycling a truly viable and safer transportation option for all in the community:  more funding to build on what we have, to fill in the gaps where bike infrastructure starts and (often suddenly) stops, and to improve prove upon connectivity between public transportation and biking and walking.  I think one of our biggest strengths thus far has been our ability to attract so many energetic, creative and like-minded individuals to our cause, thus increasing our voice.  At every meeting someone brings someone new.  In addition, we have been thoughtful about our message and clear among ourselves as to our goals.  We still have a lot of growing to do but when I consider that in the fall I actually questioned whether or not I was wasting my time by joining an advocacy group, I'm truly amazed by what we have accomplished so far.  Today, I will attend the monthly City of Phoenix Bicycle Initiatives Subcommittee meeting at City Hall.  Back in November I would have said the meeting was not the most efficient use of my time.  Today, I know that my small voice, combined with the voices of others,  is required to build the kind of community I want to live in.  The meeting is at 4:30 at City Hall, 200 W. Washington if you are in the mood to be heard.  It's open to the public.


Chafed said...

I loathe those places where the infrastructure suddenly "stops"

go you for advocating for our people!

you look good =)

She Rides a Bike said...

Thanks, Chafed! Advocating has been the best part of my semester. I feel that I'm taking what I learned in social advocacy and actually applying it.

I can't wait for the break between spring and summer semester so I can catch up on reading blogs, including yours!

Harmony Brandon said...

De-lurking to let you know your blog inspired me to try biking as transportation! I didn't think it was feasible during Phoenix summers - but you've shown me I can at least try. Now I chirp about your blog to everyone I know. Thank you so much!

She Rides a Bike said...

Thank you, Harmony! It's always so nice to hear that SRAB inspired someone to try bike commuting. I'm sure you'll be inspiring people in your circle as well. A great trick I learned last year was to always keep a couple of water bottles in the freezer so I have cold water to drink on my rides. The ice melts just fast enough; otherwise you'll be sipping warm water before you arrive at your destination. Also, dresses are a great way to feel cool and comfortable when temperatures climb above 100. Finally, I invite you to join Phoenix Spokes People if you have not already. Our next meeting deviates from the regular schedule and will be the third Sunday at 5 p.m. at Bike Lab. Everyone is bringing snack and John Romero will provide the beverages. Hope we see you there soon.

DAN said...

Your blog posts remind me to ride.