Friday, April 19, 2013

Inspiring bike infrastructure with artful bike racks

Get it?  It's a bike rack shaped like a bike!  And so many places one can lock up to.
Artists almost always are on the forefront of cultural change so when I see artists devoting their energies to creating beautiful bike racks that act as not public art but functional pieces I wonder if they just might be on to something.  Here are a few we saw this Bike Week in Phoenix at the mini-ciclovia and Bike to the Ballpark.
Same artist, Aaron Voigt of Voigt Metal.
If you are interested in your own Voigt Metal bike rack for your home or office check out his website ,

How I wouldn't love to have one of these in our backyard.
This bike rack would solve the problem of inadequate bike parking at the downtown AMC theater.
Hint.  Hint, Arizona Center?  There just isn't enough bike parking.