Monday, January 21, 2013

Update on February bike advocacy meeting - date change

Just a quick FYI for Phoenix city cyclists:  due to the Super Bowl, the monthly meeting of the Downtown Bicycle Action Group has been changed to Tuesday, February 5 at 5:30 p.m.  The location remains at Angel's Trumpet, 810 N. 2nd Street in Roosevelt Row Art District.  Business will begin closer to 6 p.m.  Last time, people parked their bikes inside the outdoor seating area if they couldn't find space outside the restaurant.  Bike parking is also located just around the corner on 1st Street.

The agenda will include:
  • bike racks in Central Phoenix (where do we need them and how do we get them there)
  • name change for the group
  • becoming a 501 c(3)
  • the next group ride
  • exposure to make an impact and increase awareness
I urge Phoenix transportation cyclists to attend and participate.  Last month's meeting was great.  If you plan to enjoy a drink and a meal, please bring a means to pay and remember to do so.  Nothing breeds contempt for an org like not paying your bill.


Larry Werner said...

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Larry Werner

ernestahogue said...

Events like this should be encouraged to happen on a weekend basis. It will help the people become aware of the benefits of meeting new people as well as losing some extra pounds using the bicycle.

Ernest Hogue