Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Saddle up!

Brooks B-18 Lady from the Unique Collection.
Not only did the Planner Guy throw (with the help of my cousin Angie) a surprise party for my 50th birthday but he also presented with a beautiful Brooks saddle (B18 Lady) from their Unique collection.  I'll attach it, or rather the bike shops guys at Slippery Pig will, to my Breezer Uptown 8.  I took both bike and saddle to Slippery Pig yesterday to have it installed but was greeted with a chorus of "Wait until this summer!"  They explained that it's too cold (yes, it does get cold, or at least chilly in Phoenix during the winter) to properly break in the leather saddle and that riding will not be a comfortable experience for some time.  They recommended waiting until this summer to mount it to my Breezer,  treating the saddle first with the prescribed conditioner and letting it soak in the sun between applications.   They said that in the summer heat, my saddle will be broken in for riding pleasure within two days.  I will defer to their greater wisdom, as they all have Brooks saddles on their bikes.  If anyone else has any Brooks saddle wisdom, your thoughts would be appreciated too.


Laura Jane said...

I put a Brooks on my commuter back in April, knowing that it would likely take till Christmas for it to really feel good. (I only oiled once or twice—and otherwise, just kept riding!)

While it took at least, oh, three months and a few days of wondering why my tailbone/pelvis felt bruised to understand why these saddles are so great, it was WELL worth it!

Enjoy : ) You'll have a saddle for life!

Trisha said...

p.s. mine's the B17S.

Trisha said...

I think my original comment didn't make it. Just said that my Brooks saddle was the most comfortable of any of my bikes, and that even before it was broken in, it was only uncomfortable if I put in more than 10 or so miles at once. Didn't realize that about the heat, but I got mine in April in TN so no problem there. :) Your new saddle is gorgeous -- I'm sure you'll love it.

bikeolounger said...

Two of my three upright bikes have Brooks saddles--my '74 Raleigh has a B-66 and my Surly Big Dummy has a Brooks B-67. Each was comfortable from the first ride, although each has gotten more comfortable with time.

Yours is an example of the fine craftsmanship that goes into all of the Brooks line. Keep it from getting too much rain on it (one of the few actual uses for plastic grocery bags), and it will be fine!

springfieldcyclist.com said...

Not sure about the summer thing....put mine on at the first of August and it was immediately more comfortable than the MTB saddle that proceeded it. I put Proofide on it once a week for a month, then have tried for once a month since.

Had an epiphany the other day. I sit on my other saddles vs sitting in the Brooks.

They're good stuff!

2whls3spds said...

Never heard about waiting for warm weather to break in a Brooks. I find them comfortable right out of the box, and they only get better from there. If I hadn't bought Brooks saddles for most of my bikes I could have bought a Brompton!:/


Jim Bangs said...

You will love your Brooks saddle. I have a B17 on my LHT and has many miles on it. I have an Imperial B17 on my commuter and I am thinking it will go over to the LHT this summer for a two week tour I will be doing, it is even more comfortable. The first B17 took some time to break in, maybe a solid two months of riding, about 300 miles. My Imperial was the gold standard from the beginning. I rode in a century event two weeks after getting it and there were zero problems. Not sure about the warm sun thing, proofide it and ride it, you'll be fine. Oh, and the comment about rain on it, very true, keep it dry!