Thursday, December 20, 2012

Laid up and off my bicycles

A view from my coffee cup.
I stopped for coffee on campus the other day on what will likely be my last ride of the year.  I had knee surgery yesterday and unfortunately it also involved cleaning up a chip in my kneecap, necessitating that I keep all my weight off my left leg for about two to three weeks.  No walking without crutches and no bicycling.  At least I can say that it's was a sports related injury.  I spend yesterday in the green recycliner while the Planner Guy waited on me hand and foot, scolding me occasionally when I got up on the crutches for any reason.  I am not cut out for the seditary lifestyle and Bob knows it.  He reminded me before leaving for work today that I was, under no circumstances, allowed to even think about trying to walk the neighborhood on my crutches.  And yes, I did actually think about doing that very thing while lying in bed last night.  What am I possibly supposed to do for three weeks?  I'm really sad that my plans to at last explore the canal bike path are now foiled!  I might have to even rent a car for a week once school starts.  Yuck!


DAN said...

Get well soon

Chafed said...

Many people do not fully appreciate how hard it is to be static when a person is accustomed to being active. It's physically uncomfortable, imo, as if your skin stops fitting exactly right and you cannot get into a restful spot.

....but it will all sort out and you will be improved for the body work and there will be good chances to explore.

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