Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bike destination for finals: Strong lattes at Lola's Coffee

Lola's Coffee at 3rd Ave. and Roosevelt
It's getting down to the wire for me this semester with finals approaching and papers due over the next couple of weeks.  I've been doing a lot of hybernating in my upstairs office during the last couple of weeks but one of my favorite study destinations this semester has been Lola's Coffee on 3rd Avenue and Roosevelt near ASU's downtown campus. 

Once at the counter, it's hard to know where to begin.
With a crochet clad bike corrals and plenty of seating right out front, Lola's invites the curiosity of any bike riding college or graduate student, who armed with laptops and messenger bags overflowing with books and files, seem to be among their primary customers.

Ice cold latte goodness - and it's strong, too.
I just love the lattes and all the nibbles behind the counter.

Hip but somehow homey. . .
Though I always sit outside to enjoy the sun and the breeze, I love the atmosphere inside, what I'd refer to urban-cozy, with just the right amount of quiet.

I heard they serve a great egg sandwich in the mornings and brunch on the weekend so I'm anxious to pedal down some time with Bob to try it for myself.  Although, I haven't explored the back of the shop, I think they have an open patio at the rear of the building that opens up into the alley.  Sounds like not only a good place to study but an excellent spot for a Sunday morning bike date.