Friday, November 2, 2012

My little Brompton; some gratuitous shots. . .

My Brompton, loaded for a morning of studying at a coffee shop.
I've been out and about on my little Turkish Green Brompton - H6R model for those who are curious.  The gearing is adjusted -12% for out next jaunt to San Francisco (not on the schedule but we hope . . .).
A view of the black Carradice City Folder.
I've been taking it to my internship, my Carradice bag bursting with school materials, and parking it in my office.

Brompton, mid-fold.
Still haven't mastered the 15 second fold but I'm getting better.  So far, I'm enjoying the ride.  Lot of little things to get used to after the Breezer but I'm a quick learner.  The gear shifters have probably proved the most difficult to get used to but like anything else, the more I do it the easier it becomes.  One thing that I know I want to change is to add a rear view mirror to the handlebar - I refuse to wear one on a bike helmet.  I don't depend on the mirror 100% but it just gives me a little extra look-see of what's going on around me.  If any Brompton owners out there use a mirror that attaches to the handlebar that won't interfere with the fold, please share your wisdom.


Fernando Ma said...

Lovely! I'm sure you're enjoying your new Brompton! Sorry, don't have any advice for you on the rear view mirror.

Zivereer said...

Very nice little Bee you have there. I use this mirror on mine:

You need to fiddle a bit to find the ideal position so you can easily fold the Brompton after a single easy twist of the mirror on one axle. That means you should not overtighten the screw on that axle. This mirror offers the ideal combination of sturdiness, effectiveness and adaptability.

You need once in a while to retighten the bolt on the axle that you twist on folding.

pearcie said...

Only recently found your blog and have enjoyed catching up on it.
I have just ordered a H6R thinking the extra height might be a nicer riding position (i'm 5'10") but have only test ridden an M.
I wondered why you chose an H?
best wishes