Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bicycles + Los Suns makes a fun date

Bob in front of U.S. Airways Center.
Bob and I took in two Phoenix Suns games in the last couple of weeks.  The first was last Friday when  the Suns (minus Steve Nash who is now with the Lakers I say with bitterness in my voice) played the Cleveland Cavaliers.  We were Cavs fans that night because loyalty is simply what one does if you are any kind of decent person. My husband is a Cleveland native so to those of you who are from Cleveland or love someone who is, I think you know where I am headed. . . .but actually, I won't go there. I will instead only say that it was a close, close game, we had a great time, and because we locked our bikes to a conveniently placed bike corral across from U.S. Airways Center we could easily afford sushi after dinner (it also helped that Bob found a great deal on tickets on-line). 
Surprisingly good seat for only $8 each!
The following Monday, Veteran's Day, we cheered for the Suns who were up against the Denver Nuggets. 
Lots of good moments during the game dedicated to our servicemen and women.
This was struggle for me personally since last year my plan was to be a Nuggets fan since I had been accepted at University of Denver for grad school.  Bob's job offer however was in Phoenix so here we are, and I am nothing if not flexible.  Another very close game, and out team won.  Again, on our bikes, we decided to forgo dinner out and instead pedaled home, congratulating ourselves for living in a city with a pro-basketball team and for finding a neighborhood within easy biking distance to the arena.