Saturday, November 3, 2012

A most welcome bike corral for a scuff free bike finish

This cable lock will only be used when I have my eye on the Brompton.
Blogging has been hit or miss these days since starting school.  Lots of reading, papers due and several group projects have dominated my days since the end of August.  Now November, I continue to struggle with time management.  Nonetheless, I get it all done and and still make a little time for cyber outreach. There's always something to report, especially if you like the coffee at Lola's at 3rd Avenue and Roosevelt where I enjoyed a delicious iced latte earlier this week.

A crafty bike corral at Lola's on 3rd and Roosevelt.
A nifty little bike corral wearing a crocheted sweater. Not quite sweater weather yet here in the Valley but it certainly protects my Brompton's currently pristine finish.  How thoughtful!

Love the shadow against the pavers.
A cool shadow lying against a pavered sidewalk.

My Brommy making friends with an elegant single-speed, just parked by a very tall young hipster.  I'm not sure what they talked about.


m e l i g r o s a said...

loving your new brompton, the colour especially<3
does it have a name yet?! :))

She Rides a Bike said...

I've never named my bicycles, Meli. Not sure why, although with this on it is tempting. And I love the color, too. It reminds me of the kind of classic robin's egg blue you'd see on an old Bianci.

A. Person said...

The Bianci blue/green is called Celeste. Not a bad name b,fir the Brompton, though like you I've never named my bike.