Saturday, October 27, 2012

The "art" of bike commuter photography.

Chez nous.
Posting a few shots from a recent downtown movie date at the Film Bar with the Planner Guy. 

Avec mon marie.
Cool evening temperatures, fun crowd to watch the movie, and a bottle of wine with popcorn.  Not bad. 

Here are the resulting shots, which I played around with in Picassa. 

J'aime mon velo!
Otherwise dull photos rendered just a little funkier but you can be the judge.


anniebikes said...

I love Picasa. Use it all the time. Your photos look like they underwent the cross process filter - one of my favorites too. The lomo-ish filter is another good one when the borders are bland.

Marsha said...

Nice work. Half the fun of taking pictures is playing with the editing!

Larry Saunders said...

I have seen urban areas adapt towards biking populations. They foster the clean air policy that everyone will benefit in the long run. Biking promotes good health and camaraderie. Our development contractor chargesconveyancing fees for locales that have a strong record on cycling safety.

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