Sunday, October 14, 2012

More Tempe bike corrals

No, my little second cousin is not locked to this bike corral.
Ma cousine sent me these shot of her daughter posing by some nifty bike corrals in bike friendly Tempe.  No bikes locked to them at the moment but they are still pretty great looking nonetheless.  I appreciated her efforts to help me with content while I'm preoccupied with school.  I'll also heartened to know that my cousin is inadvertently teaching her little girl to notice useful things like bike corrals, sending the message that things like bike corrals are a worthy public investment.  People who ride bikes to go to work, shop or visit a restaurant need a place to lock up their bikes. She reinforces that every time she hops on her little red Dahon to go teach yoga or to meet a friend for lunch.   Anyone who follows Mikael Colville Anderson on Facebook knows getting around by bicycle is just second nature to the godfather of cycle chic's kids.  I hope that becomes a trend here in the Valley.

Future Interbike fashion show model?