Saturday, October 20, 2012

Corry rides a bike

Note the edgy handblebars on the otherwise old-school frame.
I met Corry on Friday as she was locking her bike at the corrals between Cronkite and UCent at ASU's Downtown Campus.  Only minutes before she had been waiting at a light in front of me at the light at Fillmore and 1st Street on this striking mixt frame.  I had wanted to take a picture of her at the light but didn't want to potentially startle her in busy traffic.  I struck up a bikey conversation.  Corry, a graduate student in hospitality and tourism, loves her bike but plan to change out the saddle, possibly to one in brown leather.  I can't think of a better choice.  This bike is all about the details!

For some reason, this bike rack just strikes me as the coolest ever.
It's all in the little details.
Does anyone recognize this brand?



bikeolounger said...

Windsor Carrera mixte frame, probably late 1970s or early 1980s. The polished lugs are a wonderful detail. The multi-color striping around the head tube denotes that the brand was used to win a world championship at some point. It's a nice, utile bike.

The rack was pretty common when that bike was new. I installed a several of them as a kid working in a bike shop in those days. There were a couple of brands of similar racks--Esge and Pletscher come to mind.

My wife has a Peugeot of similar vintage that she used for a commuter bike for a while. It's on loan to a friend at the moment, as we have more bikes than we can ride at one time.

She Rides a Bike said...

Thaks for the info. I didn't recognize this brand but it's defintely cool.

bikeolounger said...

The marque has resurfaced, but instead of "made in England," they are made in mainland China. Windsor was a good name once upon a time.