Tuesday, October 16, 2012

An old favorite makes pedaling fun

Do any of you have an article of clothing you simply cannot part with and will go to nearly any extent to preserve its life?  I have quite a few and since I've taken up transportation cycling one factor is preservation worthiness is whether or not they will conform to my cycling needs.

Ann Taylor black leather slippers from about 2001. Refurbished.  My new favorite cycling shoe.
I probably purchased these Ann Taylor slippers in 2001.  I'm basing my guess on the squared off toe.  I truly fell in love with them when I first saw them on the store sales associate, a very stylish older woman, and broke down and paid full price for them.  I haven't worn them in years though because in in-soles had become unglued from so much wear and I couldn't find a single shoe repair store in Flagstaff so they just sat in my closet getting dusty. A couple of times I almost gave up hope of ever being able to where them again but I adore them so much that I could't bear to tose them out. Happily, I was pedaling around downtown Phoenix last month and saw a little hole-in-the-wall shoe repair shop and zipped right in to find out if they could help me.  Sure no problem, I was told.  For a mere $5 they replaced my in-soles and polished them so they shown like new.  Fantastic!  No reason to go looking for a new pair when I was able to have this pair refurbished for a song.  And they are so comfortable to pedal in.  I worried that these backless slippers would come off when I launch at the greenlight but so far no problems. I'm so glad I held on to them.  No, the squared off toe is so yesterday but these slippers make me feel glamous.   Like I'm one step away from being Lauren Hutton, you know?  I am sure that Lauren Hutton doesn't throw out great leather slippers just because they aren't the latest trend so why would I.  Anyway, they are my new favorite biking footwear and will remain so as long as I have access to a good shoe repair shop.