Wednesday, September 19, 2012

When it rains in the desert

Post monsoon, the streets glisten.  A Target bag kept my saddle dry.
We had a rainy few weeks in the desert earlier in the month but I just had to deal with it.  It can be tricky because the rain leaves really deep puddles since there don't seem to be a lot of drains at the street curbs.  Somehow I managed to avoid getting splashed by a passing car but there were some near misses.

A high curb kept my feet out of an otherwise deep puddle.
Riding around on a soaked bike saddle leaves an embarrassing impression on your rear end, so I learned to keep a plastic bag in my pannier, just in case.

My Cleverhood is light enough for warm weather and really kept me dry.
And I wore Cleverhood rain cape on several mornings to keep dry.  Other than that, I still wore my regular clothes.

Rain will not keep me from dresses and pretty shoes.
I can easily tuck in under my bike rack when the sun comes out - it always does.