Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bike parking whimsy

Two of my favorite pastimes - riding a bike and croquet.
Bob and I saw this whimsical bike corral in Tempe last weekend in a lovely common area tucked behind some commercial space downtown.  As you can see, the artist who created this corral chose a croquet theme.  Why?  I'm not judging; I just don't see the connection between bikes and croquet.  I actually really enjoy croquet and was rather disappointed when Bob didn't want to install a croquet area in our backyard in Flagstaff. 

Yep, that's him.  Our friend David.  The croquet ball has to pass through a New Belgium 6 pack carton - several of them actually.
Our friend David, who lives in a splendid LEED certified house that he built in Mountainaire, just a bit south of Flagstaff, holds an annual Extreme Croquet tournament in his backyard (which happens to be the Coconino National Forest) every summer (sometimes twice in one summer). 

If you can send the ball through the carton without toppling the Old Milwaukee car, well, that's pretty cool too.
Extreme croquet involves beer, beer related items and nontraditional croquet terrain.  Bikes are not involved in anyway, unless you decide to arrive on bike. 

Our friend Connor has made it through a harrowing obstacle course and is on his way back down the home stretch.
Since David and probably most of his friends ride bikes, it's completely conceivable a bike might eventually be incorporated into the game. 

And this picture of Nicole is just too funny for some reason!
Had to share.

Bob did not win the Extreme Croquet tournament and regrets not creating a croquet area in our backyard.


Melanie Suzanne said...

Cutest bike rack ever.

David Bickford said...

That croquet-themed rack is near a giant rabbit and some other whimsical public art. I don't know if it necessarily has to make sense or have a thematic link with bicycling. Sometimes a little fun just for the sake of fun is all we need.

She Rides a Bike said...

Love the giant rabbit!