Thursday, August 30, 2012

A stylish battle with the heat but I don't know what to do about those blocked sidewalks

Nearing the end of week two of the start of my masters program at ASU.  Are the late summer temps starting to break?  I think so but maybe it's all in my head.  It was still hot so either I'm acclimating or it was just a little less deadly.  Regardless, I still have to carry around a hand towel to soak the perspiration off my face and neck so if I want to arrive at class or my field placement looking pulled together and knowledgeable, I've got to dress smart.

Light colors and a hat beat the heat.
I could buy nothing but black t-shirt but somehow they aren't the best idea when the sun is blazing down on my back so Monday I opted for a white cotton shirt with 3/4 sleeves and black knee length shorts.  Since my class started mid-day when the sun was high I wore my hat to avoid adding to the light sun burn I got on my forehead over the weekend.  I still arrived on campus a little bit damp but the white shirt didn't show perspiration marks and it dried out relatively quickly.

Favorite new dress from Ann Taylor in a French ponti knit.  That's one of my late grandmother's long necklaces.
For my field placement assignments, I wore shift dresses to work.  And high-heeled sling backs.  I can't say enough about wearing a dress for biking on a hot day.

The shift dress is fitted but the stretch fabric made it easy to pedal and get on and off the bike.
 Very cool and comfortable both to and from work.  Very little perspiration. 

A little bit of a farmer's tan on my legs.
A SRAB reader suggested trying men's boxer briefs under my dress for modesty.  They provide the same coverage as bike shorts, hitting at about four or five inches above my knees.  I wore Under Armour  boxer briefs made of a light-weight, moisture wicking fabric and were so cool and comfortable on the ride in that I nearly forgot to remove them when I arrived at the office.  The fit was very smooth so I didn't have to worry about an unsightly outline under my clothes.  Best of all, boxer briefs are infinitely less expensive than biking shorts.

My second favorite dress.  Slightly fitted and just a little stretch.
Now if I just knew what to do about this:

Something must be done about these overhanging shrubs.
I kinda know what to do actually.  The location (if anyone with the City of Phoenix is interested) 7th Street just after Thomas, bordering the Phoenix Country Club, as you head toward Indian School Road.  I'm not sure what kind of tall shrubs these are but they little white flowers.  They are appropriately cut back past the sidewalk  part of the way but eventually have just been allowed to grow out of control over the sidewalk.  Two people couldn't pass one other on the sidewalk without one of them having to get into the road, and into on-coming traffic.  I have to get off my bike and walk it through a jungle of limbs at about this point.  Someone traveling in a wheelchair would have great difficulty passing through.  So, like I mentioned, I do know what to do - I have to contact City of Phoenix and file a request that someone (maybe the Phoenix Country Club??) cut back the shrubbery.  Only a month in town and I'm already complaining!  Heavy sigh!


John Romeo Alpha said...

Those shrubs are oleanders, and while I am a big fan of their dark green leaves, shade, and pretty flowers, they are pervasive sidewalk blockers in Phoenix. Also, the leaves and other parts are poisonous. Please make sure you don't catch a leaf in the eye or you can end up in the ER.

She Rides a Bike said...

Well, JRA, that bit of info is just more ammo for my service request to the city.

David Bickford said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
David Bickford said...

I don't have a lot of experience with biking in dresses, but I like seeing posts that blend a bit of fashion with bike commuting. It's a good alternative to the spandex stereotype.

Interesting fact: The grounds of the Phoenix Country Club are not within Phoenix city limits. They're inside a county island, a pocket of land skipped over during annexation. In this case, I imagine taxes might have had something to do with the non-annexation of the country club. The oleanders on 7th, however, are within Phoenix since the island doesn't begin until one block east of that street.

She Rides a Bike said...

Good infor to have David Bickford. I'll mention that in my service request.

I tried wearing spandex when I first started bike commuting. I caught my reflection in a mirrored window in downtown Flagstaff and reconsidered my fashion choices.

Camille said...

There is a similar block of oleanders on Osborn and I think that borders the country club too. So they have let all their oleander borders grow a little out of control! ;)

mateophx said...

Try this:

If that doesnt work I know the City Arborist who has to deal with these type of complaints.

She Rides a Bike said...

Thx, Mateophx! I just sent a request in through CoP website and the Councilman for my district. If you know the city arborist (the arborist for Louisville Metro was a buddy of mine) maybe you could sent him a link to my post since it includes a picture of the site?

She Rides a Bike said...

Thx, Mateophx! I just sent a request in through CoP website and the Councilman for my district. If you know the city arborist (the arborist for Louisville Metro was a buddy of mine) maybe you could sent him a link to my post since it includes a picture of the site?

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