Sunday, July 1, 2012

Macy's European Coffeehouse: a Bike Friendly Flagstaff Destination

Sidewalk seating at Macy's European Coffeehouse.
The July issue of Sunset Magazine inspired me to pedal down to the Southside to enjoy a muffin and coffee at Macy's European Coffeehouse and Bakery, which was featured on page 60.  I set out bright and early on Friday morning, hoping to get there before all the seating was gone. 

The wait is worth it.
A real espresso bar and barista.
Macy's is always full 'cause there's some good coffee brewing there, along with good eats.  The people watching isn't bad either.

Locals immediately recognize the dog-centric work of Connie Townsend.
Macy's is such a landmark it is prominently featured in this painting by well-loved artist and animal lover, Connie Townsend.  I love her work.  This giant painting hangs above the espresso bar and order counter.

If you don't see a half-dozen bikes in front of Macy's, they are probably closed.
Sunset strangely forgot to mention that Macy's is a favorite destination of people who pedal.  I've never passed Macy's when theres no less than six or eight bikes locked up in front, and as many across the street.  Bicycles and the people who ride them are just part of the Macy's ambiance.