Monday, June 18, 2012

A visit to Flagstaff's Bici Mundo: bike shop or work of art?

One of Flagstaff's most friendly looking doorways.

During bike to work week, I paid a visit to Flagstaff's Bici-Mundo, hidden within the city's Southside.  I hadn't been by in a couple of years and, as usual, wondered what took me so long to get back.  Owned and operated by Elson Miles, Bici Mundo is a bike shop that sells used bikes, rebuilds, bike parts and bike repair.   

Bicycle as yard art.
Everytime I visit though, I feel more like I'm at a bike museum or art gallery.   This time was not different, and armed with my ever present Canon Powershot, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to practice setting up better shots within the camera frame.  You can be the judge of whether I not I was successful.

A welcoming display greets the visitor to Bici Mundo.

As if waiting for her next owner.
Cranks and rims, artfully displayed.

Another thoughtful rim display.

A sensitive placement of forks and handlebars?

Everywhere one turns, one finds a bike.

Yet another red folding bike - that is not mine.

There is always a place for flowers.

Susan, everyone's favorite bike-shop girl, assists a customer in her quest for a commuter bike.
Susan insisted the near museum-like placement of bikes and parts was merely the result of some tidying up she did earlier in the day. 
Perhaps it is all my art school sensibilities but Bici Mundo is an hommage to deep, deep bike love.  If you live in Flag and have never stopped by or plan to visit the community, I highly recommend putting Bici Mundo on your list of must-see cultural attractions.

If you'd like to hear the full story of Bici Mundo check out this link to Mary Tolan's short film on the subject.  Elson has some pretty smart thoughts to share about the effects of bicycling on social interaction, stuff you probably already know but articulated quite well.