Sunday, June 10, 2012

They came, they pedaled, they drank beer. . . the June Flagstaff Tweed Ride!

Quick, before you miss him!
In the great tradition of Tweed Rides world-wide, the bicyclists of Flagstaff will not be outdone. 

Style council.
We are not New York or Boston or San Francisco but we DO do fashion, and we do it our way. 

The definition of jaunty, 21st century style.
Organized by local bicycling guru (as recognized by Flagstaff Live) Ray Walker, we met up last Wednesday at 6 p.m. for coffee and beer, according to preference, at Flagstaff Bike Revolution and Mother Road Brewing Company at Mike's Pike on the Southside.

And he took it on his bike!
Where there is beer, of course, there is a man with an accordion.  One doesn't plan for such things at a proper Flagstaff Tweed Ride.  We love organic, don't ya know!

Very knickerbocker of them.

And oh, the fashions! 

Tweedy mountain-cycle-chic.
Well-dressed ladies . . . .

In Flagstaff, we call this formal attire.

Green bike, green shirt

Three men, three bikes.

and gentlemen.

Could it really be him?
And a potential sighting of The Most Interesting Man in the World.  I guess he also drinks Mother Road brew.  Shockingly, he was not on a bicycle so I have my doubts.

I am not worthy.
Do not judge the gas tank; the hills and the wind can be a mighty tough combination.

Ray Walker and a stylish bicycle.

And we cannot forget the bikes.

Then we pedaled.
We own Beaver Street!  But we still share the road.

Planner Guy on a bike. 
En mass.

Sometimes we stopped for traffic lights.  Well, actually, we always stopped for traffic lights.

At San Francisco and Rt. 66.

Our route took us through NAU campus, a flat route consisting of bike lanes and bike paths.

On an NAU bike path.
In rare shadows.
Definitely among the Tweedy set.

Another gratuitous shot of the Planner Guy.
 We couldn't forget the Tweed group photo, could we?

Riders of the Flagstaff June Tweed Ride 2012

Thank you, Ray, for another successful Tweed Ride. 

And thank you, Stella, our official Tweed mascot for the evening.  She's such a good girl.


disabledcyclist said...


Dr. "M" says.... said...

I think this is GREAT! I like that everyone seemed welcome from fixed gears to mountain bikes. I would think tweed would be hot in AZ in June but you guys looked cool...very cool!

She Rides a Bike said...

Dr.: Flag is located at 7000 ft so it is quite a bit cooler all year round than the lower elevation of Phx or Tucson. I usually carry a sweater of gloves if I am out first thing in the morning or after dark during the summer when the temps drops considerably.

crotach said...

Outstanding photographs! Thanks for sharing these.

Jimio said...

Love the pics - The Group Tweed with the guy on accordian and the guy kinda mountain climbing on the sides of the bricks and that guy with the motor-bicycle. Hope it never rubs up against that exhaust!

inspiredcyclist said...

Great pictures, looks like a fun time was had by all. Now, unless I missed it, I don't think you had pictures of yourself. What did you wear to the event?

She Rides a Bike said...

Inspired, I uncharacteristically forgot about myself! But, I had on acute new hat from Rainbow's End, a beaded cardigan from Banana Republic and fromJCrew, a pink French graphic tee and black cafe pants.

phillip wright said...

Thanks for so many pictures!!!

Kimberly Mullin said...

I actually have my razor spark scooter but I thought of buying a bicycle. Two reasons, first is because of the health benefits I'll be getting from it and the second is, I could breathe fresh air and could feel the warmth of the sun. Perhaps, I could join some bikers' association around our town just like what you got here.

Robert West said...

I'm excited for roller derby time. We need to save space and resources now that's why we acknowledge the fact that we use bikes and skates as a form of transportation.

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