Friday, May 18, 2012

Pedaling by the small and lovely stuff

As the Planner Guy and I wait to see how the next  phase of our lives together evolves, we experience a mix of fear and excitement.   Where we lay our heads after the sale of the house (likely to occur mid-July) remains an unknown.  I have two excellent graduate school options but questions remain as to which choice will best meet our needs.  As usual, I am so focused on what lies ahead that I forget to experience the now.  Today, however, after I checked off a few items on my "to do" list, I kissed the dogs and decided to bake cookies. 

Pumpkin, chocolate chip goodness!
Cake-like, pumpkin, chocolate chip cookies are an excellent remedy for worrying about the future, especially when paired with a frosty, cold glass of milk.  Pretty?  No.  Tasty?  Definitely.

A relaxing bike ride made even more so when I can reach out a pet a little dog.
Several items on this week's "to do" list required hopping on my bike and pedaling - to the realtor's office to sign numerous papers, to FedEx to mail off paperwork to my respective institutions of higher learning, and to the veterinarian for matters pertaining to Daisy's reproductive health. . . . check, check, check.  Good thing the late spring flowers are in bloom.  I stopped and admired them every time.  And snapped a picture or two.

The perfect flower?
Asian poppies.  I love Asian poppies.  They are amazing work's of nature's art.  So grateful that my bicycle allows for this simple indulgence.

California poppies grow in proliferation in Flagstaff, although not in my backyard for some reason.  I'm not sure if I'd be able to sell this house if I had California poppies growing in our otherwise perfect backyard retreat.

A regal and elegant flower.
I do have irises, though.  They are only in their second year and have not yet bloomed.  Unlike these, our irises (soon to belong to someone else) will be dark purple.

Today, I am unlikely to pedal my way to staying in the present.  High winds of up to 50 mph do not make for good bike riding.  Perhaps pedaling into a strong headwind is just too much of a metaphor for the last few years?  I may instead nibble on a freshly baked cookie, accompanied by a cold glass of milk, concentrating all my thoughts on the delightful combination of pumpkin and dark chocolate.  When my bike cannot serve as my escape, homemade cookies seem like a reasonable substitute.


inspiredcyclist said...

Cookies and milk can solve many problems! Thanks for sharing the beautiful Arizona flowers!

DAN said...

Nice dog.

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