Monday, May 21, 2012

I love the (biking) nightlife

A view of the Rendevous from the neighboring sidewalk.
One of the best things about the approaching summer (it's arrived early in Northern Arizona this year) are the warming night temperatures.  Yes, a light jacket or sweater is still required (and gloves for me) but gone are the layers of coats over fleece, accessorized with wool scarves and hats.

A cool one from New Belgium at The Tinderbox last month.
Weekend nights usually mean that I meet Bob downtown for a few drinks over appetizers at CuveĆ©928, Criollo, or The Wine Loft (their cheese plates are the best).  The Rendevous is a great stop 24 hours a day, since they begin the day as a coffee bar in the morning but on a summer evening they serve of a variety of refreshing martinis and mojitos. 

Night time lights make a little downtown seem a little less sleepy.
My favorite part of the evening though remains pedaling the downtown streets surrounded by the lights of streetlamps, neon signs and blinking lights.  The cars and crowds don't bother me; they're just part of the mix. 

He's not as mean as he looks!
Bob, on his bike next to me, points out interesting sights and people along the way.  The railroad crossing at Beaver and Rt. 66 is always a prime location for people watching.  On our way home outside of downtown, city lights are replaced by a blanket of stars thanks to the Dark Skies designation.   The closer we get to home the brighter and more plentiful they become, and I usually find it difficult to keep my eyes on the bike path as I scan the sky for shooting stars.  We almost always see one.

Bob and the eclipse from May 20, 2012.
Speaking of astronomical events, I "watched" the solar eclipse last night, projecting it on the side of our neighbor's garage.  Oh, the excitement of science!

Had it been possible to look at the eclipse, this is what you would have seen.  Wow, that's bright!


inspiredcyclist said...

Your ride and destination looks like fun! If I lived by you, I'd want to come meet up with you for coffee and a ride!

DAN said...

Looks good. I recently took a MN traffic law course at my tribal college, and you can not get a DWI or DUI on a bicycle. the end.

She Rides a Bike said...

Inspired, if you are ever in Phoenix look me up - that is likely where I'll be - or Denver. I'll keep you posted on my whereabouts.

Dan, I biked home a couple of years ago having had one too many (it takes so, so little with me) on my bike. Luckily, I was only the on the urban trail but it was one unnerving experience.

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