Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Good stuff for people who bike and bus

When bikes are locked to trees neither the bike nor the tree are respected.
Several months ago I posted about new Mountain Line bus shelters that were installed going up around the city and at the university.  I love the new shelters (okay, a tad less so at NAU but that's what you get when you prioritize school colors in the design review) because they incorporate elements of the natural environment into the structures and give transit passengers a dignified place to rest while they wait for the bus.  My one criticism was that I noted that a bike-riding passenger locked her pink cruiser to a tree because there were no bike corrals at the shelter located on the west side of Beulah just south of McConnell.

The most awesome bike corrals ever finally installed at the most awesome bus shelter ever!
Well, my hopes have been answered.  I don't for a minute believe that my post had anything to do with it.  More likely the corrals were part of the original plan but it was still really nice to see them included.  Some bike conscious planner guy or gal got my absolute favorite type of bike corrals installed on the concrete pad right next to the new Mountain Line shelter.  One can actually fit a lot of bikes to these corrals and keep them upright in the process.   Each unit is sturdy and bolted to the ground so it can't be moved or knocked around.  Most excellent work!  I am sure the owner of the pink cruiser thanks you, as does the tree that she tied it to.

Flimsy and unstable, this bike corral doesn't allow for secure lock up.
And while we're on the subject of my favorite type of bike corral, let's contrast it with one of my least favorite types of bike corrals.  The ends of this type of corral are, in my opinion, the only useful parking locations.


ampyali said...

Hi Karen....we're heading to Flag tomorrow from Portland for our daughter's graduation from NAU. Looks like the weather this weekend will be a big improvement from what we're used to! Alison P.

disabledcyclist said...

That's just awesome,Karen (you know,in the many,many months I've read your blog,I don't remember knowing your first name before,LOL),I'd love to see more corrals lie that here as well (well...ANY kind of semblance of at least an aknowledgement that cyclists actually park their bikes in town would be nice...) :)

The DC

She Rides a Bike said...


Large, angry storm clouds have threatened rain and thunder this week but, as usual, the threats are empty.

If you want to experience pedaling in extreme dryness, Absolute Bikes rents them. Have a good trip and congratulations on your daughter's graduation. . . I think.

She Rides a Bike said...

DC: It really helps the corral cause that Flagstaff is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. And of course the town motto "Poverty with a view" means many people start biking to avoid the high cost of car ownership.

ampyali said...

Karen--this is the funniest thing, but we actually SAW you out on your bike while we were in Flag. You were riding near the Target store on Milton Friday afternoon. My husband said I should holler at you through the open car window, but I thought for sure that doing that wouldn't be very polite and likely to startle you--a definite no-no. Anyway it was fun to see you even if we didn't get to stop and say hi. The weather sure was lovely for cycling, but unfortunately we were bike-less. Hope you had a nice weekend!

She Rides a Bike said...

Ampyali: I wish you we could have met and I'm not surprised you saw me since it's such a small town. Hope you had a great visit.

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