Sunday, May 13, 2012

Get ready for the June 6 Flagstaff Tweed Ride!

Stylish Tweed rider from June 2010.
It sure feels like summer in Flagstaff so it's time for a summer Tweed ride.  The next one is scheduled in conjunction with Bike to Work Week, on Wednesday June 6.  Riders will convene for libation at 5:30 at a location yet to be determined.  We'll set off around 6 p.m. for a 45- 60 minute ride on a route that is also yet to be determined.

and style from a slightly later era.

Is there anyone out there that doesn't know what a Tweed ride is?  Well for the uninitiated, a Tweed ride is social event revolving around a passion for bicycles, the mostly polite consumption of libation and fancy dress - think Downton Abbey style on bicycles.  But if English country dapper isn't your style, not to worry; we trust your fashion forward sense, and if you want to give it a special mountain town twist, go for it!

Tweed riders, June 2010
The only musts for participating in a Tweed ride are to have fun and ride polite.  We'll be riding on urban trail and the street so we stop for red lights, never buzz stop signs, use hand signals where appropriate and generally be excellent ambassadors of "share the road".

Mirror, mirror.
I'm already getting ready for the ride, recently visiting one of my favorite local downtown boutiques, Rainbow's End, in search of the perfect Tweedy hat.  Oh, the decisions!  I was almost overwhelmed. 

I've included a few photos from their store for inspiration.  If you live here, I highly recommend that you pay them a visit (women's clothes only) as they have a huge selection at very affordable prices. 

My absolute favorite hat
What would look prettier on two wheels?
I love some shiny bobbles.
Incahoots, located at 9 East Aspen Avenue, has an excellent selection of men's and women's vintage and funky dress-up apparel, including hats - and fake mustaches!

Tweedy flask your bike basket.
Hope to see you there, so check back here for more details!