Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pizza, brew, dogs and bikes. What could be better?

Not really sure what a 'tache has to do with dogs but it was fun to wear.
Bob and I celebrated my resignation from work two weeks ago by  attending a Mustache March fundraiser for Second Chance Animal Shelter sponsored by NiMarco's Pizza and New Belgium Brewing Company.  Beer is not part of my weight management program but  just one for the dogs seemed like a pretty good cause.  A Sunshine Wheat.  Very refreshing way to wash down a slice of veggie pizza.

Pre-ride social.
A NiMarco's staff member with bike and 'stache ready to ride.
New Belgium events often involve bicycle rides and this one was not different.  A few dozen riders met up at NiMarco's on Beaver for a pre-ride cool one and socializing.  And bike admiration, of course.

Dawn, Biria and friend
I met Dawn, who arrived pedaling a this lovely Biria.  She was kind enough to allow me to test around the block.  Nice ride and ever so stylish.

Will is a past New Belgium Cruiser winner.  People you know really do win!
And off we went . . .

You suppose they are all three texting Hillary?

for a ride through the NAU campus . . . .

solo pedaling. . . .

and tandem. . . .

and atop handlebars.

Eventually we arrived at NiMarco's new shop on University.  No bike corrals immediately available so we took over the sidewalk around the building.  Nobody seemed to mind.

This one's for the dogs.
More beer and eats.

And of course, we bought mustaches for a chance at winning a New Belgium Cruiser equipped with a porteur rack for a summer beer run.  Nice.

Alas, we didn't win but we did contribute to over the over $1100 to help care for the abandoned dogs and other pets at Second Chance.  And Bob was honored with a pair of New Belgium logo wool sport socks.  Not bad either.


Jimio said...

Great Pics!

Ted said...

It bugs me that NiMarco's doesn't have any bike parking. Someone should point out that all this love and attention from cyclists ought to give them a clue.

She Rides a Bike said...

The shopping complex at the University and Milton NiMarco's has a bike corral in the larger parking area within a parking island. Personally, I think a good bike corral location is paved and has ramps from the parking lot to the traffic island. The little parking island at this location requires the cyclist to haul the bike over a rather high curb, which can be a bit difficult if one's bike is loaded down with full Target bags.