Monday, April 30, 2012

Another take on university bike parking

Bike storage lockers.
Northern Arizona University now has bike lockers on campus.  This group is located just off the newly improved bike path near the University Union.  I'm not sure when the school installed them but if I lived on campus I'm pretty sure I'd be first in line to get one since I prefer to keep my bicycle protected from the elements, especially the winter snow, and potential bike thieves.  There don't appear to be that many yet although groups are located at three campus locations.   The university rents the locker to students for $30 per semester or $75 annually and are on a first come first serve basis. Not a bad price, even for a poor college student.  I wonder how many bikes each unit accommodates?  They look pretty roomy. 

Bike appear to fit in the locker in the position demonstrated by the Planner Guy.


d nelson said...

Used to enjoy cycling around Flagstaff years ago. I recall it being challenging with all the traffic, especially off the campus. Glad you are inspired promoters of biking. A clip which joyously advocates cycling for all ages, mostly recorded in Amsterdam, “why cycle!” is here

She Rides a Bike said...

dHelson: Thanks for the clip, I'll give it a watch. Flagstaff remains dominated by cars, especially unnecessarily large truck and SUVs but the Urban Trail System continues to expand and, combined with bike lanes, makes getting around by bike pretty easy.

Rachel said...

Those lockers are fantastic, and well worth it - they're so big that it looks like two or three people can split one.

They have the same thing here in LA (but smaller), on some of the light rail stations - bike lockers because no matter how strong your lock is, if someone wants your bike badly enough, it's gone.

Were I a regular user of the light rail, I'd happily shell out for a bike locker.

She Rides a Bike said...

You're correct Rachael. Leaving one's bike at the light rail station can be a risk. So far I haven't seen any lockers at the stations in Phoenix but as I might be attending grad school there in the fall, it's something I'd also consider. Even though I don't worry too much about my bike beging stolen, I'd like to know that I could leave my bike someplace and not have to remove the basket, headlight or other accessories. My cousin had a headlight stolen off her bike at the station near her house. It was only about a $15 light but it really bugs me that someone would have to gall to take something off another person's bike. I get nervous if even if I spend too much time looking at a stranger's bike.

Cori said...

They are actually made for one bike per locker. They angle in to make a triangle inside, so you cannot store multiple bikes. We store our mountain bikes in there since our tiny on campus apartment cannot accommodate all our bikes! It is nice deal. They were installed late last spring and became available for use this past fall. They also installed chain link "cages" in the Knoles parking garage, which are cheaper.

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