Monday, March 19, 2012

When pedaling around Downton Abbey: The Kaufmann Mercantile Canvas Saddle Bag

Stolen from the back of Matthew Crawley's bicycle, perhaps?
I'm coming off a seasons I and II Downton Abbey marathon on my laptop while at the same time reviewing a saddle bag for commute by bike.  It struck me how ever so romantic was the Kaufmann Mercantile Canvas Saddle Bag and couldn't help but imagine the future Earl of Grantham, Matthew Crawley, pedaling around the manor property with the ruggedly regal bag mounted on his bicycle.  Did any of you get hooked into Downton Abbey?  I tried to resist but Maggie Smith's will overcame me.  Can't you just picture the young solicitor transporting an engagement ring to his love and distant cousin Mary (one has to keep the money and titles in the family, you know) within the depths of the bag, along with a take-out carton of fish and chips?

Works on a 21st century Dahon or at a 16th century English manor house.
Please check out my review over at Commute by Bike and tell me what you think.  I think it's no coincidence that the founder of Kaufmann Mercantile previously worked in film production.