Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Nordic sweater for a chilly spring bike ride

Mine warm, Nordic cardigan is perfect for a late winter/early spring bike trip in Northern Arizona.  Thanks, Mom!
I mentioned in a previous post that my crafty mother-in-law (crafty in the talented sense), knitted a Nordic cardigan sweater for me.  Her handmade Nordic sweaters are a family tradition and all the kids and their spouses have them, so I, being the latest addition to the clan, was excited to receive mine last week.

Ribbed tights from JCrew and tall, suede boots help make cold weather pedaling comfortable.
Winter often lasts well May here in Northern Arizona so, it being only March, I can expect to get lots of wear out of this for quite some time.  

On a bike, everyone get a great view of my new favorite cardigan.
Mom used a nice thick, wool yarn that kept me snugly warm all by itself the other day when the temperatures were in the high 50's.  Just enough warmth for my bike ride to and from work.

Heading into March but prepared for continued cold weather riding.
Bob got a bit nostalgic for his sweater after seeing me looking so pleased with mine and wondered if he still had his.  Of course, I said, I know exactly where to find it and quickly retrieved it from our closet.  Also nice and thick.  I don't know how he has not worn it while pedaling in to work on our more frigid winter days.  Except for some pilling that can be easily shaved off, it's still in great condition.

Nordic warriers??

Here Bob and I are in our backyard in what could become a family heirlooms.  I'm not passing mine down anytime soon, though.  Looking forward to many chilly night rides in cozy warmth.