Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bike fashion interlude . . . a return of cold to Flagstaff

Dressed for a cold morning commute.
It's cold outside but the cold can't keep me off my bike, mostly.  Freezing temps certainly won't prevent me from neglecting my commitment to cycle chic during 2012.  Cream puffy jacket and cable turtle neck from Eddie Bauer and Boden look-a-like pencil skirt from Target.  Yes, you can wear a pencil skirt on a bike!  Tights and tall boots for warm legs.

My favorite new bike accessory!
And some faux pearls from JCrew for feeling extra girly on my bike.  Just doing my part to rebrand bike commuting for the mainstream.

My Nordic cardigan, handmade by my multi-talented mother-in-law.
And here's a sneak preview of the cozy Nordic cardigan that my wonderful mother-in-law made for me.  All her kids and their spouses have one now.  The joke among the siblings is that they are extremely itchy but Bob assured me that I didn't have to wear it.  Well, the only thing that gets between me and a Nordic sweater is a shirt.  I wore the cardigan Tuesday and was itch-free all day.  And very warm.  With a fresh, thick snow on the ground this morning, I didn't get to bike to work as planned so I'll post a better photo soon as I can't wait to wear it again.