Saturday, January 7, 2012

Daisy the bike-basket dog: an exciting update!

Daisy, the fashion plate, in a hounds tooth fleece.
Many SRAB readers have inquired as to the status of Daisy in our home.  Well, a lot has happened.  After finding her abandoned or lost on the Interstate 51 ramp in Phoenix, we transported her back to Flagstaff.  We placed an ad on Craig's List but, despite numerous responses, we didn't find a match.  Daisy seemed just as happy to settle in as dog number three but as it turned out, she was pregnant.  Swollen mammary glands are a huge hint that all the denial in the world cannot overcome.  Our vet visit last month was inconclusive (they weren't ready to rule it out and preferred not to push an x-ray) but when Bob took her in for a booster shot yesterday, a sonogram confirmed the presence of a rather large pup who large head would require a C-section.  The vet, uncertain of the exact due date, scheduled the procedure for next Friday but warned us labor could begin at any time.

Daisy nursing little Mocha.
Labor began just after midnight this morning.  We moved Daisy and her preferred bed to a hallway closet where she could be easily separated from the very curious Jade and Ashby.  We called the emergency on-call line and left a message around 6:30 a.m. and waited for return instructions since we weren't completely sure what was happening.  Bob decided to take a quick shower and at 7 a.m. while I was getting dressed in preparation to pack up for the vet, Daisy delivered little Mocha.  Apparently, she got out of bed, expelled the little guy in the hallway and carried him back to the closet where I found her cleaning him when I returned to the hall.  It must have been an easy delivery, despite the head size, because I  never heard a whine or yelp out of Daisy.  Instead, when I discovered them together, Daisy was already at work being a new mother, diligently cleaning her new baby, her body curled protectively around him. 

Daisy allows a slight view of her little pup.  Already a protective mother.
All I needed to do was help her by pulling out the placenta and she did the rest.  Our vet called around this time and expressed amazement when I told her Daisy delivered completely unassisted with no complications.  Apparently, Daisy had it all under control.  Bob and I could only watch with tears and in awe. 

Daisy loves her baby.
Little Mocha will remain with us until she's at the right age to separate from Daisy.  Our vet receptionist has expressed interest in adopting him.  We're in no hurry at the moment since Daisy, still a puppy herself, is taking to her job quite well.  Eventually, probably by the time spring arrives, she will again accompany me again on the Dahon, riding shotgun in the bike basket.  Until then, I keep everyone posted on the progress of mother and child.


Tamara said...


RKeller08 said...

Congratulations! I have eagerly been awaiting Daisy updates since you rescued this little lady!

anniebikes said...

That's a heartwarming story. I'd been wondering about Daisy. Thank you!

G.E. said...

Aww, I can't help but tear up (in a good way) reading this. Glad to hear mom and pup are doing well. They look very sweet cuddled up together, too!

Melanie Suzanne said...

What a sweet story. I'm so glad your pup(s) are doing well. Daisy looks *so* protective in those photos. Good mama. :)

BB said...

OOOooooo . . . a huge squeeze for Daisy! How lovely? Sounds like little Mocha is getting a smashing start to life. Best wishes to the mother & child (and the 2-legged, teary-eyed grandparents)!

She Rides a Bike said...

Mocha update. Now that he is cleaned up, Mocha is quite the sight. He's been nursing throughout the day and Daisy, still a puppy herself, is demonstrating protectiveness and nurturing behavior. She gets out of their nest from time to time, usually following nursing, for a little mommy break, but is quick to return once Mocha begins crying for her, reassuring him w/ licks to his muzzle and helping him get comfortable against her belly. I held him a few times and he's quite active in the palm of my hand. I wonder if there is a bike basket in his future?

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