Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bikey resolutions for 2012: some ideas from people who write about bikes

Ted of Commute by Bike recently asked the Planner Guy and I to contribute to a New Year's post  compiling the bikey 2012 resolutions of his writers.  I jump on any chance to express  my thoughts and submitted my ideas right away.  Among them included my re-commitment to cycle chic.  I began writing She Rides a Bike as a means of demonstrating how a fashion conscious woman can express her love of clothes while also participating actively in people powered transport.  Maybe it's living in a mountain town. . . . maybe it's just that I'm cold all the time. . . . maybe I've just been trying to exercise a little discipline in the clothes shopping department. . . . but lately I've felt that I've fallen down on putting my best fashionista-face forward.  In any case, I'm well on my way to making 2012 a more stylish year.

As I state in my contribution to Commute by Bike's New Year's Resolution post, I have no intention of reverting back to my past frivolous clothes horse ways.  I'm simplifying and being more deliberate in my choice to purchase or not.  And, I'll be favoring quality over quantity (at least that the intention).  Bob and I did a huge cleaning out of our closets this past week and found we only kept the items we turn to again and again.  I've had enough a fashion trends that don't suit me; I'm reaching for the classic staples that never fail me - simple, uncomplicated and always easy to wear on my bicycle.

Peacoat, trim black pants, charcoal turtleneck and a black beret.  Ruby red Breezer for a splash of color.
Bob gave me a classic Majesty Peacoat from JCrew for Christmas (actually her purchased a longer fitted car coat but it proved to be a little narrow through the shoulders for me so I made an exchange after being unable to find a size up). 

My first peacoat had brass buttons like these. 
Peacoats never go out of style so I plan to get years of good use out of it.  Similarly, I'm beginning to think that maybe I've still got years of good use in my two-year-old Breezer Uptown 8.  Not sure I want to be a bike-horse either if it doesn't serve a legitimate purpose.  Not promising anything but I'm thinking that I don't need a garage filled with bicycles any more than I need a closet packed with clothes.  Is that heresy?  Is anyone else reassessing just how much of a good thing they really have to have in their lives, be it shoes, snow globes or bicycles?


anniebikes said...

Love the Pea coat. It WILL be a classic for you. And yes, I feel happy for the 3 bikes I have. If I get another, one has to go.

Ted said...

Bikes are like shoes -- only more versatile. I have shoes for hiking, running, fancypants occasions, skateboarding, work, etc.

Why would you expect a single bike to perform every transportation need?

I have three bikes for myself (although they are are not all operable, let's pretend that they are): A commuter/errand bike, a commuter/folding bike, and a mountain bike/winter commuter.

Each of these bikes does (or will do) a trick that neither of the others can't do.

G.E. said...

The pea coat is lovely, and probably one of the best choices for riding (I've tried with longer styles and somehow it always turns disastrous - but maybe that's just the klutz in me).

I have to remind myself that more is not necessarily better in regard to both bicycles and clothes. It's something I've been working on for awhile now. With bicycles, it's that I am always looking for the "perfect" combination of bikes to suit every activity, so I find myself trying things out, but then not wanting to get rid of them. With clothes - well, that started from a very, very young age (there's a lot going on with my personal clothes hoarding that I will spare everyone). It's difficult to stop habits that have been in place for so long, but I do believe it's possible to overcome. As you've said, I'm trying to be very purposeful with decisions to buy - hopefully, that will help me (at least somewhat) stick to my goals that oddly are quite similar to yours.

BB said...

Love your pea coat! They are timeless aren't they? My 'go-to' is a dark-grey short trench. Here in Aus it's easy to overheat even in Winter.

Lily said...

Your pea coat is gorgous:)

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