Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bike-jeweled and my bikey identity

A gift box almost too pretty to unwrap.
Do the important people in your life see a bike and think of you?  Mine do.  I get bike photos from Paris and Dublin (posted on this blog!), emails with funny bike stories, postcards of bicycles and most recently some really groovy bike themed jewelry.

My sister sent me a card from The Adventures of Bicycle Bunny and Beezlebug and Friends for my birthday.  This is need to research further.
I turned 49 on December 15.  Yep, I can say it.  One year aways from 50 and no tears from me.  My identity has nothing to do with my age but everything to do with my interests and how I spend my time.    When I develop an interest I tend to throw myself into it wholeheartedly.  Time spent on that activity might wane due to circumstances but my passion for it rarely dies.  Among my family and close friends, I am associated with ceramic art, gardening, running, all things French, and bicycling.  My husband celebrates and nurtures my bike identity at every opportunity.  Each birthday and at Christmas, he bestows me with bike gear or accessories that I've been craving.  One year, for no particular reason, he surprised me with my Breezer Uptown 8.  This year we've been unusually distracted with some personal projects, hence the paucity of posts in the last couple of months.  Neither of us was paying much attention to my birthday but he wanted to recognize it nonetheless.  Knowing my preference for the artful yet delicate, feminine jewelry, he dropped Zani after work to check out the possibilities at their jewelry counter.  Maybe it was fate!  How could he have known that he would find a collection from Velo Bling Designs

A lovely surprise awaited me.
Handmade in Colorado, Ed Dunne crafts each piece from recycled new and recycled bike parts obtained from bike shops in Denver and Boulder.

An image of a bicycle cut into the ring.

Part of a bike chain refashioned as a pendant.
Dunne creates jewelry for men and women, as well as clock, wine stoppers and Christmas ornaments.  Everything is available on his website, too, so if you can't drop by Zani (always worth a visit if you happen to be in Flagstaff) his work is still easy to obtain.

A charming bike.
Thank you so much Planner Guy.  As usual, you've outdone yourself.  Now, rather than just euphemistically wearing my enthusiasm for bicycles on my sleeve, I can literally wear it on my finger, my wrist or around my neck!

Other pretty thing at Zani. . .
I see these shawls draped across my shoulders while sipping wine outside of Cuvee this spring.
I shop locally whenever I can and never had a problem finding the perfect unique gift at Zani.  Whether you are looking for a scarf, jewelry, a card, art or home decor, Zani pretty much as it all.  Here's just a peek at some of their latest offerings so stop by  when you're in the Southside neighborhood.
The softest faux fur ever for snuggling your hands, neck and head. 

These would look lovely lit up at night under a covered porch (like ours).
Because they are just so pretty.


Cruiser Dolly said...

such lovely jewlery! Ppl in my life see a bike(and hello kitty) and think of me too :) Its nice to be thought of!

happy belated berfday! Many many many more and a hppy new year! thank u for you comments and kindness this year :)


Cherilyn said...

Totally coveting that bracelet! Happy birthday, happy holidays, and all the best for a courageous and fantastic 2012! Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures!

P.S. How's the chihuahua?

Ginger said...

Happy New Year and thanks for sharing your love of biking with us. My friends tend to think of me as being a little (lot) crazy about bikes. I'm 4 short years off 50 and they think I should be doing something a little more age appropriate. I plan on using bikes to keep me young!

Beautiful jewelry -- my Christmas list included some bikey stuff too like new cold-weather tights, hi-vis rain jacket and some base layers. Prepping for the cold!

Thanks again for sharing and have a wonderful bikey year!

anniebikes said...

I dig that bracelet, bike stuff and a little doggy - how appropriate.

She Rides a Bike said...

Cruiser: You and your blog are what challenge me not to get "old".

Cherilyn: Daisy the Chihuahua is at this moment, post bath, wearing he hounds tooth fleece and napping in my lap. In dog terms,I gues that means that she is doing great.

Ginger: I wounder what your friends consider age appropriate? Babysitting grandchildren. Mall walking? Keep up the good work. I'll bet you inspire some converts to live well instead of growing old.

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