Tuesday, November 1, 2011

She's a future ER doc who rides a bike!

She wear Hello Kitty and dreams of being a doctor.
Don't let her artful style and penchant for Hello Kitty fool you.  This young lady plans to be an ER doc by the time she's done with school.  That's a pretty heavy atmosphere and she should know, because she'll be following her dad's footsteps.  For now, she shares my unabashed love for Hello Kitty and she rides her bike everywhere.  By coincidence, I was wearing my Hello Kitty t-shirt.  We shared a giggle over it when I told her how old I am.  Some things you don't have to give up upon entering adulthood.

I'm a bit jealous that I have aged out of Hello Kitty backpacks.  Heavy sigh!
One of the things I appreciate about being a bike blogger is that opportunity that it affords me to chat briefly with complete strangers and get a little bit of their story.  I learn so much about what makes other people tick as opposed to making snap judgments, and I learn a lot about myself as well.  I went to art school and had my share of novel hairstyles and fashion statements.  One or two made my mother cry.  Somehow I managed to have a successful life that included college and graduate school, career and  marriage to a good man.  I'm always impressed with the young people I meet and hearing about their goals and aspirations.  This Hello Kitty-loving girl was the first such young personon a bicycle who I encountered today.  The other, a young man who attends NAU, I hope to talk about a little more in depth at a later time.


Wife and Husband Walker said...

I love the hair! i'm jealous. so SASSY.

Back in september for your interbike post you had a photo of sheila moon. That crazy-fun brand is 50% off this week on planetgear.com. I feel like the shirts go well with her hair!

She Rides a Bike said...

You are so right. Her hair is totally Sheila Moon. I'll have to visit the sale site. I don't know if I can carry off Sheila Moon but it sure is cute.

SS:Mtn Biker said...

Cool post! I'm pretty positive I had more than a couple looks that made ill my parents,LOL,though none of them involved Hello Kitty.

I know EXACTLY what you're saying about getting to chat with strangers on bikes and getting to know them a bit,one of the most rewarding aspects I'm finding about riding in the city (where we now live) that I missed out in the country (where we lived before here),it's just awesome!


She Rides a Bike said...

SS, I wonder if regular bike riders are more likely to be more expressive in the hair department.

SS:Mtn Biker said...

IDK...lots of them are sporting helmets,LOL! I have seen some younger (than myself,ha!) moutain bikers around the city park (just in the last few days) with them off,sporting mohawks,colors and such :)