Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Liking" the non-cycling mom

Bikey sisters, Alison, Karen and Valerie top.  Bottom, letter-writing/trouble maker Mamma Voyer and golfing, planning to buy a bike Daddy.
I'd like to thank all my readers for all the thumbs-up directed at my mom following her letter (see my last post) recently posted on the Greenville (SC) News website.  Both my sister and I linked it to our Facebook accounts and she found all the positive feedback from our friends quite flattering.  At age 79, she might not bike but she's still rather progressive and stays as up to date as possible on trends, especially what young people are up to.  Although she doesn't have a FB account of her own, she knows what a "like" is and proudly informed me in a recent e-mail that she received over 7000 likes on her pro-bike lane letter-to-the-editor.  Unfortunately, she was just as disturbed by the hostile, angry tone in most of the on-line comments posted in the Greenville News, which you have to have paid on-line subscription to access.  No need to bother, as I did.  The on-line comments were the usual dribble about how bicyclists' don't pay taxes for road and highway funding.  I thought we had settled that falsehood long ago but for some facts just don't matter.  Heavy sigh! 

So anyway, my rockin' mom appreciates all the love.  She'll keep writing those letters and we'll all keep riding those bike!


BB said...

Good on ya, Mum!

Cherilyn said...

Applause for folks who refuse to accept the false choices we're being handed today in the political arena! I'm so very tired of these wedge issues. How about finding ways that we can build a strong America together?

OldBikeRider said...

You're lucky to still have your Mom, and so is all Greenville!
Was the photo taken at a restaurant or does your family really enjoy their wine? Ha! - they say it keeps you vibrant & healthy, this could be more proof.

She Rides a Bike said...

OBR: I would love to say the photo was taken in the family wine cellar but it was actually taken at a really wonderful Italian restaurant in Greenville for my parents' 50th Anniversary celebration. We did enjoy our wine, though; several bottles, in fact.