Saturday, October 8, 2011

More on traveling with a bicycle

Me and my Dahon on the way to Sausalito.
Is it just me or does the thought of going out-of-town and being separated from your bicycle leave you feeling a bit dysphoric?  Maybe just a little?  Well, there is a solution!  Pack up your bike and take it with you.  As SRAB reader might recall, I did just that back in early March during a long weekend in San Francisco.  Finally, I've gotten around to posting about it; this time on Commute by Bike.

On Filmore Street.  I admit to having to walk this one.
I also recently carried my Dahon down to Phoenix, a trip I made by car, where I spent the weekend with my cousin and fellow bike girl, Angie (the one with the bike garage).  While I pedaling, I discovered that Phoenix is hot as hell in early October, just under 99 degrees!  Yes, it is a dry heat but I really wished I had a cotton cloth for patting down my perspiring forehead, something I never have to do in Flagstaff.

My cousin Angie, her Electra, and my Dahon.
Quite the car-centric town is Phoenix but they're trying.  With Angie as guide, we traversed several miles of bike route to enjoy  a cup of jo at Luci's Healthy Marketplace

At the Luci's counter.  It's all so good.
I just had to share this awesome Luci's logo!
Even in the scorching heat, there's just nothing like a really, good cup on hot coffee.  I also had a slice of quiche as I was quite famished after our ride.  It was yum!

We don't buzz red lights!
Now you might wonder if a woman who usually pedals in a small town with lots of segregated bike paths gets scared when traveling by bike in a large, unfamiliar city.  Well, the answer would be, no, not a bit.  I actually love large, crowded cities and, as long as I'm not driving, feel perfectly safe biking in traffic, especially on own of my own familiar bikes.  I follow the rules of traffic, use hand signals and eye contact, and check my rear view mirror before changing lanes so I rarely have problems.  Cars seem to travel faster in Phoenix than they do in San Francisco but, at least where we rode, it has plenty of bike lanes, and where there were none we just mapped out quieter side street to our destination.

Feeling the bike love in heart-shaped sunglasses.
If you haven't taken a trip with your bike then I urge you to do so.  Nothing beat getting to know a new city then hitting the road on a bicycle, ensuring that that not a moment of your journey will be wasted.  Your bike will turn even that unexpected trip out to purchase forgotten toothpaste into a mini-adventure.


Chris said...

I travel all the time with my bike! I have a folding bike from Montague - different from yours, it looks like because mine has full size wheels. I got it after having a really bad rental experience on vacation, and I've never looked back.

She Rides a Bike said...

Chris, thanks for the validation of my decision to purchase a folding bike. I am out of town at the moment and don't have my bike since we drove and didn't have room in our car - I know that sounds crazy but for this trip we had to have the dogs. I've heard of Montague but I haven't yet seen one in person. I understand they are very good.

inspiredcyclist said...

Someday I will buy a folding bike. But first I will get rid of a bike.
Tough choice to get rid of one, but I'd love to take a bike away with me easily!

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