Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Interbike fashion moment and my new favorite heels for biking

Knee length jacket from Modrobes
My favorite fashion moment at last month's Interbike in Las Vegas was this really sharp looking coat from Modrobes.  I loved Secret Agent 99 styling with it's minimalist looks, close to the body cut, knee length and moisture wicking fabric, which, I believe, is part of their recycled collection.  I couldn't find this product on their website so I assume they are not ready to ship at this point but I'm going to see what more I can find out.

Smartwool Cozy Gloves
As readers may recall from last winter my usual cold-weather complaint is cold fingers, it's one of the biggest obstacles I've had to overcome as a winter bike commuter.  Usually, even in the coldest weather, the problem is overdressing for the cold.  My hands are a different situation altogether. One problem I encountered was that as soon as my hands started perspiring my gloves would become moist and my hands would immediately become cold. Once they get cold, my fingers eventually turn numb, which can make holding on to the grips of my handlebars or changing gears difficult.  I spent last winter in a near constant search for the perfect glove to keep the circulation flowing in my fingers.   I have the same problem with my feet but discovered awesomeness of Smartwool soaks - problem solved. Unfortunately, I couldn't find Smartwool gloves anywhere in town.  I couldn't have been happier when I came upon the Smartwool exhibit at Interbike and tried on the Cozy Gloves.  They also come in a Cozy Mitten.  Pure, dense, cushy, coziness for the $30.  With cold weather coming soon, I'll be ordering a pair. 

Me in Paris/Vegas.
This past weekend the Planner Guy and I returned to Las Vegas so that he could participate in the Pumpkinman Triathlon, his last event before the Arizona Ironman in Tempe next month. 

Pumpkinman Bob post race.
On Saturday afternoon after Bob had rested from his event we visited the Strip for a little sightseeing .  No gambling for me; I hadn't even meant to spend any money but . . .

Bett from Dansko in Nappa Leather.
I found these Bett shoes from Dansko at the Walkable Store at the Venetian.  I first saw these last year in Louisville but decided that I'd spent all I needed to on clothing for a while.  Though Danskos are pricey they are one of the most comfortable brands of shoes I've ever worn and made to last.    The Bett in Nappa leather doesn't disappoint, either.  It's a Mary Jane style shoe with about a 2.5 heel. 

Perhaps the most comfortable shoes I own.
I've worn them for the last two days and am pretty certain they'll be my favorite shoes for work and pedaling.  So far, absolutely no slipping on the pedals, even when I'm standing.  I'm going to be honest that before moving to Flagstaff comfort was not my highest priority in a shoe.  My pink Ann Taylor sling backs are definitely my preferred shoe but when you live in a ski town at 7000 feet your footwear priorities shift just a little bit.  While not the couture footwear of the New York runway, these Dansko Mary Janes are the funky-cool shoe for a mountain town where sports apparel passes for high fashion.  And let's face it, with a strap across the top of my foot, I never need worry about them coming off my foot when I'm pushing off at a green light.


Dottie said...

Those are great shoes. Mary Janes are a good idea for biking, I should get a nice pair like that.

BB said...

I do like the Modrobes coat! It's not often I find anything I'd wear that's designed with cycling in mind, but, I love the cut and colour.

She Rides a Bike said...

BB, I'm thinking of getting this coat. I believe the coat has some rflective qualities, which is important to me since I ride at night through some very poorly lit areas. I wish they'd also so a neon yellow or orange coat as well since those provide a lot of visibility. If I lived in a really well let city I wouldn't be so obsessive but given that Flag is a dark skies community I fret on it just a tad.

inspiredcyclist said...

I am such a fan of Mary Janes. Really. I like the coat a lot, kinda made me think of old Star Trek episodes. Let us know what you think, if you do get it.

She Rides a Bike said...

I hadn't thought of the old Star Trek episodes, although that show was a childhood favorite of mine. I wonder if that's what I like about the coat? I William Shatner speaking on a Public Radio show yesterday and of course he touched on his decision to embrace his Capt. Kirk character after many years of trying to distance himself from it off screen. They played the old Star Trek theme and it made me want to log on to Hulu for a Star Trek marathon on the sofa.

She Rides a Bike said...
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