Thursday, October 27, 2011

Helmet news from Interbike 2011 without the usual preaching or judgment

Helmet by Bell in an aquatic theme.
When I spoke to the helmet reps at Interbike I kept my comments restricted to good looks, sturdy, concrete resistant construction and comfortable fit.  I'm pretty weary of both sides of the helmet debate.  I don't wear a helmet all that often anymore but sometimes they just make sense; mostly at night on roads with a lot of fast moving traffic.  And yep, when I choose to wear a helmet (and yes, it is a choice in my humble opinion) I wear a one that makes a statement.   I've featured several Nutcase helmets throughout the course of this blog but while at Interbike I had the chance to take a closer look at Bell's selection, which frankly, I've never paid that much attention to.  These are from Bell's Recreational Collection, the Faction model.

Another Bell helmet, like a burst of floral sunshine!
Helmets were on full display in Las Vegas this past September at Interbike and these helmets by Bell were but a few.

Pink minimalism for your head, in Sparkle/Magenta.
Who says helmets don't have style.
Helmets also made the City Style Fashion Show.  I'm actually starting to really like the solid colors of these helmets.  Patterns and designs are fun but I think that I might prefer to wear a solid helmet in to work; the statement being, "Yes, I'm here to work".  I'm not sure who manufactures the helmets featured in the fashion show but I thought they look really sharp and  urbane.

Another solid pink helmet of indeterminate maker -sorry.
 Of course, I'm not advocating one way or another for wearing a helmet.  I wear mine when I feel that one is warranted.  The ones that I've posted here reflect my style preferences, and I hate to admit it but I'm more likely to wear a helmet if it suits my taste.  

I must apologize for not being able to feature any of Nutcases newest styles, which were aplenty.  I could have sworn that I took several pictures but I can't find even one on either my camera or my smart phone.  Nonetheless, I visited their exhibit and tried on their new lighter weight mode, designed in response to complain about sweaty heads.  Same great comfort and fit as their regular weight helmet.  The new helmet comes with a visor; really great for keeping down the glare on bright, sunny days.  The visor is also sold separate on the Nutcase website and can attach to the older model.  I think I'll be getting one for winter riding when the sun's glare on the snow can quite literally be blinding.


Mary F'ing Sunshine said...

Those helmets are adorable. I currently have a Giro helmet which, to my eye, looks like a racer helmet even though it has a pink and red rose motif. I love the look of these city helmets and I hope my LBS will carry more of the Faction line.

She Rides a Bike said...

I had a Giro but for the money I really believe that Nutcase has the better quality. I can't gauge Bell since I haven't dropped their helmets a thousand times but my old Giro cracked w/ a single drop. Of course that was several years ago so their quality might have improved.

MamaVee said...

I like those helmets a lot. Sadly they don't seem to fit my hair. Yes my hair needs fitting. If I had flat hair, I'd totally go for one of those. I still have a bern with visor that I might break out this winter with winter insert but it isn't my fav.... It's black with some weird white pattrn on the back. I wish my LBS carried nutcase....

inspiredcyclist said...

I have a Nutcase silver helmet that sparkles like a disco ball from Studio 54. I bought it for a tour, where helmets were required, and I was renting a bicycle. I figured silver went with all. Recently I bought a Bern because I wanted the visor. I didn't know Nutcase now had visors.
And I agree, helmets should be a matter of choice. I don't wear one all the time, but there are times I think it is wise to do so! TFS!

WorldviewCoach said...

So glad you mentioned the visor. In Southern California I've been looking for a solution. I figured in Arizona you would be needing one too.

She Rides a Bike said...

MamaVee, one of my issues w/ helmets is that they often flatten my hair out completely. I have really bad hair. Really bad. Fine and thin like a little girls. Honestly, if I lived in a humid climate, I'd probably never wear a helmet because if I took the helmet off I'd look like I was wearing a shower cap! I hate vanity but there it is.

Similarly, Worldview, I actually just think the visor makes the helmet, and thus the wearer, look really cool. You'd think I'd eventually age out of that "looking cool" thing but apparently not.

Dutch Girl said...

I'm looking forward to the new Nutcase models, as the one I bought last year is really warm (fine for winter, but not so much the warmer months). I also really missed having visor, which my old Giro had. I didn't like how the little plastic strips that held the straps in place on the Giro broke, long before the rest of the helmet seemed worn out. If the new Nutcase has better ventilation and a visor, I will be happier to wear it.

She Rides a Bike said...

Dutch Girl, thanks for stopping by STAB! I visited your sight and love your travel pics!

The new Nutcase helmets come in a lighter version. I can't say whether or not the ventilation is better or not but the designs are equally as fun as with the original version. Hopefully, it is also as unbreakable.

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