Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Bluegrass Bike Date at the County Fair

Bluegrass from Chatham County Line.
My sister lives in Cary, North Carolina, outside of Raleigh and sent me an urgent message that Chatham County Line one of her favorite local bluegrass bands was going to be playing on Labor Day Weekdend at the Coconino County Fair, just up the road from our house.  Yippy!  The fairgrounds are just a short bike ride from our house, most of which are on the urban trail system and a short, short stretch of bike lane.  Nothing beat bluegrass by bicycle.  Actually, I think the two go together really well.

We first saw CCL last year at the Orpheum and are now committed fans so, no, we wouldn't miss them.  We arrived about 20 minutes before the beginning of their set and got out bikes locked up under a ramada.  The County discounted admission for people who arrived before noon by bike, which is a nice incentive for those who don't normally consider taking a bike to family oriented events like the fair, but just getting to enjoy the ride with my husband on a lovely early evening was pretty much all the encouragement I needed.  We arrived just in time to get good seats and margaritas. 

I also purchased CCL's new CD Wildwood, which I got autographed after the show.

Bob with carnival tokens in hand!
After the music, we wandered over to the midway where Bob bought tokens for the carnival games, which by the way, I'd never played before.  Ever.

As it turns out, I have no skills at carnival games.  Not surprisingly though, Bob does.  He proved to be excellent at darts and soon I was choosing between cute teddy bears to take home. My hero!  A void was filled in my life.  Eventually, the small, plush bear will become one of Ashby's dog toys (aka her "baby") but for the moment it would become my very first carnival  prize.

We did not partake in carnival food, mostly because Bob is in the final months of training for his Arizona Ironman competition and is focused on shedding a few pounds for this grueling event. 

We did however enjoy the lights and the people watching before heading back to our bikes for our night ride home.