Monday, August 29, 2011

Wow! I'm in Some Really Good Bike Company!

I began writing She Rides a Bike at the urging of my husband. My professional identity bruised and battered by a move to a tougher job market, the Planner Guy declared, "You need a creative outlet!" He directed me to my brand new laptop and urged me to consider blogging. He had been a blogger for years and said that blogging would be great way to connect with other people over shared ideas and interests.  Hmmm. . . . blogging meant that I'd be putting myself out there for others to judge and evaluate but since we are all subject to that anyway closer to home, why not? 

But blog about what?  Well, asked Bob, what do interests you?  What do you feel passionate about?  I was growing increasingly enthusiastic about bike commuting, which we took up due to the spike in gas prices.  It had been a hard sell for me but I found that I really enjoyed it. What about a bike commuting blog?

For inspiration, I had been reading a number of bike commuting blogs, mostly by fashionable, young women living in exciting cities like San Francisco and Chicago.  I was a little older than most of them and living in a small town in the middle of a southwestern National Forest.  I was more likely to have to navigate my bicycle around a large elk than a taxi cab.  Nobody would be impressed to see me pedaling in Manolo Blahnik's; Keens are de rigueur in Flagstaff!

Yes, yes, yes!  I'll do it . . . . and months passed.  "Are you going to do it or are you going to just talk about it?", asked my husband.  Well, what could I do given a challenge like that?

Now, three years later I gushing with excitement to report that She Rides a Bike just landed on the's 50 Most Influential Bloggers of 2011!  A friend and SRAB reader just surprised me with the news this evening.  I had actually glanced at the list but since I didn't expect to see my blog included in the same list at Copenhagen Cycle Chic, Let's Go Ride a Bike, Lovely Bicycle, and Bike Snob NYC, I didn't even notice that SRAB had made the list.  Just as thrilling is that Commute by Bike, the go-to bike commuting blog that I occasionally contribute to and run by Flagstaff e-retailer Bike Shop Hub came in at 23.

If you've read a recent whiny post on this blog, you know that being included on this list, among so many entertaining and informative blogs is a huge honor and shot in the arm for me.  I am so grateful to all the people who visit SRAB and leave comments, many of whom are fellow bike bloggers who warmly welcomed me into a creative, unique and adventurous community.  So many of people doubt that we have anything relevant to say or assume that our private thoughts only have meaning to them.  I'm definitely one of those self-doubters so thank you to all SRAB readers and fellow bloggers for reminding me that I'm not that alone.  And also thank you, thank you, to my husband the Planner Guy for pushing me to exercise my responsibility to make good things happen in my own life.


Sam said...

Congrats!! So excited and happy for you *hugs*

G.E. said...

Woo hoo! I DID notice your blog on the list earlier this morning, and couldn't help but think, "How wonderful!" Congrats on making the list! Your blog is a joy to read, and is relevant regardless of a readers' location in the world or number of years lived on this planet. :o)

Sharlene Washington said...

Congratulations! I've enjoyed your blog for several months now. Hope you keep it up.

Cherilyn said...

Congrats! You deserve the recognition! I love your real-world thoughts and observations. Thanks for being a great cycling ambassador and inspiration!

Dottie said...

Yay! I'm so happy you put aside your reservations and started this blog. Hearing from people in different parts of the country with different experiences is what's so great about reading blogs. Everything I know about Flagstaff, I've learned from you and now it's a place that I hope to visit one day! :)

Kerry said...

Congratulations! I love bicycle blogs and read many of the ones you mentioned. But as a Flagstaff local, I especially love your blog and seeing all the familiar places and faces you feature. You do a great job of catching the feel of this beautiful mountain town. Please keep it up!

She Rides a Bike said...

Thanks so much, Kerry. Glad to have a local as a reader!

inspiredcyclist said...

Congratulations on this well deserved honor! I for one am glad Bob encouraged you to share your thoughts and biking experiences!

Jessie said...

My comment didn't go through the day this was posted... it keeps giving me internal errors when I try and post with my google ID!
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that a few years ago, when I wanted to get into bike commuting but thought that the distance from Lake Mary Road to campus was daunting (since then I've had a 12 and a 20 mile round trip commute, but at the time 6 miles seemed superhuman!), I found your blog. I was so happy to have found a local blog that enboldened me to try commuting, and that I could follow and enjoy. I have been a faithful reader since that time over 2 years ago.

She Rides a Bike said...

Jessie, thank you so much for visiting SRAB! I'm glad that my blog could inspire you to get into bike commuting. I pretty much needed to see how other people were bike commuting as I was figuring out how to make it work for me. The community of bike bloggers is so diverse and for the most part very supportive of everyone finding their own way. I hope SRAB continues to keep you motivated and offers you fresh ideas about how to keep alternative transit in your life. If you ever see me around town please give me a nudge. I'd love to feature you as part of this blog!

Camille said...

good job Karen! I'm very proud of you. I also really enjoy reading your blog and get excited to tell my friends about my hip cousin up in Flag who even has her own blog. LOVE YOU!

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