Sunday, August 28, 2011

When Art Meets Bicycle

Saturday afternoon the Planner Guy and I pedaled downtown to visit Flagstaff artist Lyn Matthew's Open Studio.  We originally saw her work displayed earlier this month at Mountain Oasis restaurant and when I saw that she was taking part in Flagstaff Open Studios I knew that I wanted to go and meet her and see more of her beautiful landscape paintings.

Lyn paints her landscapes in her studio but bases her work on various Flagstaff locations, some of which she has explored so frequently that she has committed them to memory. 

Bob and I were both very struck by her unique rendering of the aspens, which turn cover the San Francisco Peaks in bright yellow during the fall, and decided to purchase "Kachina Trail".  But how to get it home?  Would it fit in my pannier?  Perhaps my bike rack?  We'd solve that problem after drinks on the balcony of the Weatherford.

Alcohol rarely solves anything but in this case after a cool one Bob was able to fit the painting into my Detours pannier,despite the fact I insisted that it simply wasn't big enough.  A third of the painting stuck out of the top but protected by bubble wrap it was quite safe.

Ah, nothing says culture and class like pedaling around town with original art on your bike.


Julie said...

You look so cute in your helmet & shades & kimono top.

inspiredcyclist said...

It's beautiful, enjoy! And to piggyback onto Julie's comment, I thought your kimono top and helmet really complimented each other!

She Rides a Bike said...

Well, thanks to you both! I love that top ($15 at Forever 21 back in 2005) but I packed it away last fall and just rediscovered it this weekend.

Hope you both "weathered" the storm (sorry for the irresistable pun) all right. I thought of you both!

Impaire said...

Love the art here! And the fearless attitude - too easy to take excuse of bigger thing to give up on biking. I featured this on BlogShouts (, I hope you like the crop of your photo!

Sam said...

I love the last photo - the narrow street and you peddling with some original art.

Cherilyn said...

Congrats on the painting! The kimono top and leggings are such a chic combo! Those pics are fantastic,too! I really love the last one, and I'm jealous of your gorgeous panniers.

She Rides a Bike said...

Oooh, Impaire, thank you so much for reposting!

SuperKat said...

im so glad ur pannier is holding up! I just won the toocsn juicy woven from's giveaway..and seeing these pic with your haul makes me feel at ease..this pannier is gonna rock..and yes u look real cute!

She Rides a Bike said...

SuperK, this pannier was a great buy. Very sturdy and still looks like new. The bottom is quite firm so you can definitely carry a heavy load.

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