Monday, August 15, 2011

More Mountain Cycle Chic - Robin and Marja

I originally started this blog with the intent of documenting bikes and the outdoor couture of the people on them.  Robin personifies mountain cycle chic.  Casual, sassy, outdoor sexy that never has to try too hard.  I spotted her last Monday evening and literally sprinted across the street for a picture.  I've snapped a few photos of her before for SRAB, including at last year's Tweed rides.  Believe me, she can do smart fitted jackets and high heels, too.   Here she is with her equally mountain town-chic friend Marja, out in the heart of downtown and on their bikes.
Marja (left) and Robin (rt).
Style does include choice of bike basket.  Remember Kenya bags from the 80's?  I loved mine. 

Robin found this cool elephant grass bike basket from House of Talents at Flagstaff Bicycle Revolution recently.  It's called the Asungtaba Bike Basket and sells for $49.99.  House of Talents donates 5% of company profits to support a scholarship fund for the children who live in the Ghanaian community where the baskets are created.  Don't hate me Robin, but I had to go pick up one myself.

Mountain Yum
After chatting with Robin and Marja about a second Tweed Ride fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity of Northern Arizona, Bob and I pedaled another block over to Mountain Oasis, one of our favorite Flagstaff restaurants.  Excitement!  Pumpkin Pie Soup was on menu. 

We were seated at a table that allowed me a closer inspection of the decorative art deco tiles that I always admire from across the room. 

Biking to work justified a plate of warm spinach dip and a glass of wine.

I couldn't take my eyes off of local artist Lyn Matthew's landscape paintings on display at Mountain Oasis through August 31. 

I love landscapes and these really capture what drew Bob and I to Flagstaff in the first place and one of the things I love about biking here - pedaling through the rick colors and textures of nature.  If you are in the area, she is participating in the Open Studio Weekend on Saturday and Sunday, August 27 - 28 from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.  It's located at 13 N. San Francisco, downstairs in #3.  I plan to be there and camp out in front of her work until Bob carries me out.  Note to self:  reload art account!