Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Girl, A Bike and A Funny Little Dog

The Planner Guy and I decided to participate in this past Saturday's Big Brother/Big Sister Half Marathon and 5K, part of the Northern Arizona Trail Runner's Summer Running Series.  I would love to report that we pedaled downtown to the starting line on our his and her's Breezer Uptown 8's but we didn't.  We arrived in our Honda Element.

Another couple was more dedicated to their biking lifestyle than we were.  After my 5K finish, I sat and enjoyed a post race bagel and coffee when I saw a woman rolling her cruiser through the parking lot.  Her bicycle had a wire basket attached to the handlebar and within the basket sat a cute little dog of indeterminate breed (Yorkshire Terriro, perhaps).  Adorable!  I love dogs.  I love bicycles.  What could be better than enjoying them both at the same time?

Android camera in hand, I crossed the parking lot to introduce myself.  Normally, I really have to force myself to surprise complete strangers  with requests for their photos but people who pedal with small dogs in bike baskets are nothing if not approachable.  Soon, I was chatting with Kristy, who like me, rides her bike everywhere, including to work.  She told  me that after her race she went back home to get the her little dog, who apparently, has become the light of her fiance's life and his regular running partner.  He very much wanted to cross the finish with his little running buddy (sorry Kristy; I forgot your dog's name). 

Kristy collected her dog and brought her back in the basket and was headed up the street from the finish to deliver her to her fiance for his big Half Marathon finish (this was one tough course, by the way).  I don't know which is better, Kristy's simple act of love or her fiance's relationship with her little pup?

As for my bike riding, dog loving man, Bob finished his Half Marathon in right around two hours, despite a broken toe.  No little dog to finish with but I did run along the sidewalk as he was coming and snapped this victory photo at the end.  One photo of many this weekend as Bob also ran the Mountain Man Olympic Triathlon this morning.  I'm happy to report he had a flat free biking segment and very likely detailing his race on his blog IRONMAN QUESTion.


SuperKat said...

congrats to you and your guy! what an accomplishment! I also love the idea of his n hers bikes, cheesy matching=utter cuteness to me :)

inspiredcyclist said...

Wow - you and Bob should be commended for always being so active (broken toe and all)! I have been noticing a lot of cyclists with dogs either in baskets or backpacks. Kristy's dog is adorable!

She Rides a Bike said...

Inspired, you might not that the little pooch has a rug for comfort in the bottom of her basket. Quite the princess.