Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bike Weirdness at the Target Bike Corral!

Not sure what to make of it. . . .

I locked my bike up in the Target bike corral when I noticed this odd bike next to me.  No judgements but what's up with the motor?  At least, I think it is a motor. . . .

Is that a fuel tank?  Gas?  Diesel?  Does the label read recycled vegetable oil?  I didn't have my reading glasses so I couldn't quite make it out.

Thoughts anyone?


jeffy said...

2-cycle gasoline motor. Web site claims 150mpg, ability to stop and start the motor while riding. I bet you can hear it coming a mile away. Could be worse, I guess.

Bart said...

Pedal when you can, and motor otherwise!

Rachel said...

That's just cheating.

She Rides a Bike said...

Rachel, I truly struggle with the question of whether or not it is cheating. I recently rode an ebike and you do have to pedal. What I liked about it was that when I tried the ebike, Flagstaff had been experiencing very high winds that made biking comfortably really difficult. Coupled with the hills and elevation there were a few times when I just threw in the towel and opted for the car! In some communities a motorized bike can make sense.

Ben said...

I'd say it's not cheating if it was an ELECTRIC assist motor that did not pollute!

Jeff Moser said...

I see these around Carson City here, but they're often attached to department store bikes that probably weren't designed for the extra weight, stress, and faster speeds. And of course there not usually a helmet involved either...

Ben said...

BTW, I just saw one of those gas-bikes and had something to SAY about them! You'd have to read my blog to learn more, alas :)

Michael Smith said...

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