Sunday, June 12, 2011

Who Needs a Limo When You Have a Breezer?!

Promsters, Bob and Karen.  Get down!
Inspired by last week's Flagstaff Hullabaloo, Bob and I uncharacteristically donned strange and outlandish apparel and attended the Adult Prom at the Orpheum last night.  A real first for me on a couple of levels.  We didn't attend last year's Adult Prom, and I didn't get asked to my high school senior prom.  Yes, I am one of those sad, unhappy cases.  But, as Dan Savage says, it really does get better.  I am pretty sure that gay or straight, three quarters of the attendees to last nights Adult Prom are testament to that fact.

When I was in high-school, the cool kids (or their parents) hired a limo for trip to the prom.  But I say, limo shwimo!  A limo is so common, so ordinary, so without sliver of style or panache.  Bob and I, as regular SRAB readers well know, have his and hers Breezer Uptown 8's and we rode them to the prom.  I don't know, we might have been the only ones to do so, as we didn't see any other bikes parked around the Orpheum.  But does a woman who is this fashionably fearless . . . .

Normally, for safety reasons, I would not wear this much color at one time.
really care about what mode of transportation other people take to the Adult Prom?  Of course not.  Besides, why worry about public opinion when we should be dancing?


We should be dancing!


Former Flagstaff City Council Member Kara Kelty was dancing.

As well as a whole lot of other people.

Oh, the fashions!!!

Flagstaff partiers usually get started late.  Bob, however, had firm plans to meet a buddy at 10 a.m. this morning for open water swimming in Lake Mary since they're both in triathlon mode.  Your's truly had to perform water patrol from our nearby kayak.  We were unlocking the bikes to head home at 11 p.m.  I felt like such a loser . . . . for about 5 minutes when I realized I was finally one of the cool kids with a prom date.  Yeah, you heard it one of the THOSE kids who went to the prom. In a special dress, picked for the occasion.  Finally.  After one, two, three . . . 30 years. 

I did it my way.  On a bicycle.


Sam said...

Looks like such a groovy time!

We have a bike prom here in San Diego that I need to get of these days. You make it sound and look so fun!

She Rides a Bike said...

You should definitely go. Of course, I think it would be more fun if people arrived on bikes. I actually think that for the organizers of the Flagstaff event arriving on bikes would have been an attention getter.

inspiredcyclist said...

Looks like you two had so much fun, and you both looked adorable. TFS!

Xanae Lewis said...

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