Sunday, June 5, 2011

Where Arriving on a Bike is Encouraged!

Even in Flagstaff there just aren't enough time and places where arrival on a bike is encouraged.  Happily, the the 2011 Flagstaff Hullabaloo was one of those times.  The Hullabaloo is a celebration of all things Flagstaff, especially those things outdoors, bikey, funky and beer.  The event begins with a Bike Parade downtown at 9:15 a.m., ending at Wheeler Park where the festivities begin.  Attendees are encouraged to arrive in costume, the more outrageous the better. 

Music and dancing and butterfly girls!  At I times I had to wonder if I was really just an extra in a Bollywood production. 

Another argument for more bike racks!

Unfortunately, I had to miss the 9:15 a.m. Bike Parade (I know, what kind of bike blogger am I?) since I had standing plans to run with one of my girlfriends.  I did arrive on my bike though, after meeting another girlfriend for lunch, and struggled to find an open sign post or railing for locking up my Breezer.

I met up with the Planner Guy at Hullabaloo, who had arrived abotu 20 minutes before me, and he directed me to the amazingly still open bike racks on the steps of City Hall.

I paid my entry fee just in time to see the local Brazilian influenced rhythm group Sambatuque perform. 

The crowd literally swirled around them like bees to honey. 

Unless you simply don't have a pulse, your body is pretty much compelled to dance! 

And what celebration is complete without giant puppets?

And no, Bob and I did not go in costume and I really regret not taking the time and developing an adventurous enough spirit to do so.  I think Bob does, too.  Life is too short not to dress like a pirate wench once in a while.  We pedaled over to the Lumberyard after we left Hullabaloo so that Bob could have a late lunch.  Our friend Maggie was there returning a keg and joined us on the patio for a cool one.  We talked about the upcoming Adult Prom at the Orpheum Theater next Saturday night.  Another opportunity to put on a costume and ride our bikes!  Hell yes, Maggie and her hubby want to go!  If any pair is up for outrageous dress it is Maggie and Will.  So after we left Bob and I pedaled over to Incahoots and put together our "prom-wear".  Both our costumes involve colors and textures not normally associated with us in real life.  I'll save the rest for next weekend.


inspiredcyclist said...

This event looks like so much fun, and everyone appears to be enjoying themselves. How nice you were able to ride there!

She Rides a Bike said...


This is the second year for the Hullabaloo and I hope it becomes a cherished tradition as we need more weird and funky events. I understand that partnering nonprofits could set up booths at Hullabaloo for free, including Flagstaff Bicycling Organization. Bicycles definitely had a big presence at the event, as they did last year. Wish I had planned ahead to attend the parade.