Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stuff People Who Ride Bikes Like - Community Gardens

I was pedaling through the Southside neighborhood yesterday when I came upon the Southside Community Garden filled with gardeners so I had to stop and snap a few pictures. 

About 8 or so people were busy at work turning soil and getting things in order for the garden season, which tends to be late and short at this elevation.  Hard at work they hardly took any notice of me and my camera.  That's the way gardening is; totally absorbing.

Was it any surprise some of the community gardeners arrived to work their plots on bikes?

Wonder if those who are exercising more transportation choices than just jumping in the car are also exercising more thoughtful choices about where their food comes from?  Are those choices based on health?  The economy?  More sustainable living?  Perhaps a touch of each.  I know we'll be throwing down our seeds and planting some starters in the next couple of weeks.  Nothing like fresh lettuce from your own garden.  Let me know what you think.