Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Product Review: The Xootr Crossrack - Where No Pannier Has Gone Before

The Xootr Crossrack attached to a Dahon Eco3.
Where have I been?  Wouldn't you like to know?!  Okay, okay . . . . I've been to Santa Fe with my husband for our 4th anniversary and working on some non-bikey projects around the house that have just kept me generally busy.  Not too so busy to keep me off my bikes, however.  Or so busy that I haven't had time to review a really cool product for Commute by Bike.  The Xootr Crossrack is like no other bike rack you've ever used and it's perfect for carting around your stuff on a folding bike.  Check out my review here: 


The Xootr with a Detours pannier attached.
I really enjoyed testing the Crossrack, especially since I've been following Russ and Laura of the Path Less Pedaled and their preparations for another cross country bike tour, this time on Brompton folding bikes!  The Crossrack definitely got me thinking about my Dahon's touring potential, now greatly enhanced.


Charlotte said...

Ooooh this has potential for expanding the carrying capacity of our Brompton... Thank you. Off to check out Path Less Pedaled.

MamaVee said...

Oh that's cool.

LBJ said...

That looks totally awesome. I have a Montague folding bike and I have been looking for something just like this.